Everything You Need To Know About Mixing Melatonin And Weed

Often sold as a supplement, melatonin is actually a naturally produced substance. Its main role is in sleeping patterns – adjusting to seasons, maintaining good sleep and even falling asleep. It is the main hormone responsible for your sleep and it can be found in many forms on the market.

On the other hand, weed is a natural plant lots of people smoke for a sensation of high. It also helps with relaxation. It is among the most popular drugs out there – legal in some places, partially legal or illegal in others.

Now, how about mixing melatonin and weed? Are there any effects or reactions to worry about?

Effect enhancer capabilities

According to some reports, melatonin can actually enhance the effects of weed. So if weed makes you feel relaxed and light, with some melatonin these effects may be be taken to the next level.

Does weed produce more melatonin?

Weed affects melatonin in a few different ways, but it is hard to explain ,because different strains of marijuana have different effects. For example, sativa is great for some extra alertness and activity, while indica is mostly recommended for relaxation.

According to some studies indica is great with melatonin because they have similar effects. When mixed together, your sleep will rock – literally. Some users however have reported not being able to remember dreams.

Keep in mind that such a combo can make waking up hard especially if you have less than eight hours of sleep.

Is it safe?

Marijuana boosts the natural production of melatonin. During the day, mixing melatonin and weed is not such a good idea, as it might affect your sleep wake cycle.

In conclusion, melatonin and weed are similar from some points of view. Whether to mix them up or not is totally your choice.

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