How To Dry Weed – The Science Behind High Quality Weed

Curing weed demands a little education. After a few months of intense work, you are finally there – ready to harvest. But before trying it out, you need to dry weed, then cure it. If you are new, you might be tempted to dry it as quickly as possible and try it – bad idea. Curing is just as important.

Benefits of drying and curing weed

Once you learn how to dry marijuana, you will most likely add to its potency. Cannabinoids change their formulas through biosynthesis. For instance, THCA becomes THC and so on.

At the same time, a dried bud will taste differently – in a good way. Remember that some of the compounds responsible for the flavor tend to evaporate and degrade pretty fast. You must learn how to cure weed at a low temperature and a slow tempo to keep these substances in and enjoy a high quality smoke.

Finally, drying cannabis is one thing, but curing it is even better, as it preserves the plant. Curing buds will keep mold away, but it will also preserve the taste and cannabinoid content.

So, how to cure cannabis then?

Drying weed

Drying out weed is the first step. Some people choose to cut about 15” branches from plants, clearing leaves and hanging the branches. Some others cut and hang the entire plant, not to mention snipping buds and drying them on racks. Basically, you can work on the plant before or after drying it.

So, how to dry wet weed? The temperature should be around 65 degrees F, while the humidity should be around 50%. The room must be dark and should have a fan to circulate air. The whole process of drying buds takes between 5 and 15 days.

How to properly cure weed

Start by separating buds from branches – in case you have not done it before drying. Place buds into an airtight container. Most experts recommend glass jars, but ceramic, plastic, wood or metal are also accepted. Oven bags may work too, but they can let oxygen in and degrade your plants, so avoid them.

Once sealed, the container must be left in a dry, dark spot. You w​​ill notice things start changing after a way. Buds no longer seem dry on the outside. They get moisture from the inside. It is important to let your plants breathe a few times a day during the first week, so open jars and let the moisture escape for a couple of minutes. For the next couple of weeks, you can open the container once every few days.

How long to cure weed? It should not take more than two or three weeks. However, the best way to cure weed involves keeping it there for four to eight weeks.

In conclusion, you do not have to be a genius to learn how to dry cannabis. Things are different when it comes to curing – one of the most overlooked processes out there. Luckily, it only involves patience and attention to a few small details.​

How To Dry Weed

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How To Dry Weed

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