Nano Particle CBD VS other extraction methods

The health benefits of CBD in all its forms are not a mystery anymore as people start to find out about them more each day. But what about nanoparticles of CBD compared to other extraction methods on the market? These nano CBD products are more bio available to the body which is why they are more efficient as well. This topic is what we will address in this complex guide.


What are Nano CBD products

Nanoparticle CBD reached the market in 2019, but it soon gained popularity. Nano is a term that defines the size of the CBD particles. It describes particles of one billionth from one meter. In other words, Nanoparticles are about 0.000000001 meters, and particles between 0 and 100 nanometers are called nanosized.


To be sure that your Nanoparticle CBD is really within the specified size range, you should make sure to purchase it from a certified company. Such a product is Liquid Gold Health CBD, which offers a wide range of Nano products that you can trust. These products are rich in various benefits that come from their bio availability nature.


Before we dive into the benefits of Nanoparticle CBD we need to clarify what bio availability means. Bio availability is the property of a substance to be absorbed in the body more efficiently, by entering the systemic circulation faster.


The benefits of Nano CBD particles

Besides the fact that Nano CBD particles are present in products with a higher concentration of CBD, they also come with a wide range of other benefits. The advantages of these products also come from a different extraction method.


Nanoparticle CBD is more efficient

Nanoparticle CBD products are more efficient than other types of CBD products because they are more bio available in the body. You will not find this bio availability feature in other CBD products which is why the Nano ones are so much more appreciated as well. The CBD molecule is broken down so small that it goes directly to your blood bypassing your liver, which makes it up to 100 times more bio available and you feel the effects immediately. Therefore, the active ingredients in these products will get into your circulation system and enrich your entire health through it.


Nanoparticle CBD is water soluble and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals.

Another great advantage of nanoparticle CBD is the fact that is is water soluble. These products will dissolve in water, making them easier to absorb into the body as well. Nanoparticle CBD doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals either, which makes them safe for everyone. Generally, the oil is separated in the extraction phase by using a lot of fluid. But this is not the case for Nano CBD products.


CBD oil that comes in a Nano form has faster effects

With generic CBD oils, for instance, you will notice the impact only after the drop you ingest will be digested. This delay is generated by the fact that the generic CBD oil contains other types of oils as well, such as coconut oil or olive oil. But when you take a drop of Nano CBD oil, you will notice the effects much faster. Nano CBD products are bio available and water soluble as we previously mentioned, accelerating absorption into your body as soon as you administrate them. The fact that Nano CBD is up to 100 times more bio available than C02 CBD, also makes it 100 times more efficient.


Things to keep in mind before getting Nanoparticle CBD

Assuming you are a beginner in terms of consuming Nano CBD products, there are certain things you need to pay attention to when you get on this path.


Check the quality of your Nano CBD

Not all Nano CBD products are the same, and not all of them are as efficient as you might expect. This aspect is why it is essential to do proper research. Seeing the terms “Nano” on a CBD product is not always enough to establish its quality. Look for the certificates of the brand that sells the products, reviews that other clients left on the product and ask the manufacturer any additional questions you might have.


Look on the ingredients list

You should do this when you purchase any product, but even more so for Nano CBD. You want to look for a product that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Therefore, the list of ingredients should be relatively short. For instance, the Liquid Gold CBD contains terpenes as well as minerals and cannabinoids which give it a pleasant flavour and empower its quality.



Extracting Nano CBD that is also relatively new on the market is no walk in the park. The process involves high costs and a high-quality CBD, to begin the extraction. This reason is why you should analyze the price of these products with objectivity. You can find them at a reasonable price, but as a general rule, everything that seems too cheap to be true might not be so high-quality. It is only wise to look over the market at the entire spectrum of products as well as the quality of the ingredients before deciding which one you should purchase.



You can use Nano CBD products in a variety of ways, and the benefits are quite impressive if you invest in good ones. Follow the guidelines in this article and choose your Nano CBD wisely so you can use it to the highest of its quality. Remember to ask any additional questions you might have to the manufacturer before administrating any Nano product. Respect the instructions of the product before starting the treatment. If you start to take Nano CBD, you will notice positive effects fast and your general health state will be significantly improved!

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