Here’s an overview of the best CBD oil brands and companies to buy high-quality CBD products that will help you with pain, anxiety, sleep and other disorders.

These days new CBD brands are appearing as we speak, but the ones mentioned below remain the best and the safest choice. They produce the best CBD products such as oils, capsules, vape pens, vape juices, creams etc. We ranked the CBD companies from best to decent and we included the pros and cons for each one.

This post rankes the top CBD brands that we love and recommend:

BrandMore Info
nuleaf naturals logo BEST FULL SPECTRUM CBD OIL

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Other Great CBD Brands:
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NULEAF NATURALS – Best full Spectrum CBD oil

The biggest advantage is the fact all of their sources come from licensed farms from the United States. Actually, they are based in Colorado and each product is made using the best and the most efficient techniques. Thanks to this fact, the products are powerful, come with full potency and they meet the latest requirements. The shipping is free for all 50 states and for most foreign countries except Canada. Top CBD products made by this brand are extremely popular today and they come in all sizes.

The only drawback we were able to find is the lack of versatility. The products are limited, so is you want a wider selection of products, check out CBDFX. The sizes of Nuleaf Naturals’ products vary between 250 and 4850 mg. The prices are reasonably affordable but the mid-range section is the best and probably comes with the best value for money.


  • Free shipping
  • High-end products
  • Ingredients come from licensed farms in Colorado
  • Potent products
  • best rated full spectrum CBD oil


  • Poor offer
  • Lab results are available but only upon request


CBDfx is one of the best CBD oil companies and the most appealing outcome for most of you. The oils and products they offer are all made from the best possible ingredients. They have a wide range of products that include vapes, oils, capsules and etc. All of the products are extracted and made with the use of the latest techniques and they offer the best guarantee regarding their products. There is no need to add that all of the products are free from chemicals and artificial compounds. If you’re a CBD newbie and just want to get acquainted with CBD, CBDFX offers great starter kits.

You can be positive that they care about you and they will make sure you get precisely what you have ordered. The shipping is the same as with other brands here meaning you get it free within the United States. At the moment they also offer products made specifically for pets.


  • Wide selection of products
  • Free shipping
  • High-end ingredients
  • Customer support


  • Expensive
  • Some products are difficult to find


CBDistillery is one of the top CBD brands across the world. They offer all kinds of products including pills, drops, gummies and etc. The potency varies between 250 and 5000 mg and can be obtained in any form you are pleased with. We are happy to tell you that the price of their products is more than just affordable which makes them a stunning choice. Keep in mind that you will get the best ingredients and the best extraction method despite the low price.

Shipping is free in all states of the United States but only if the order has a value of $75 or higher. Keep in mind that the return policy is 7 days so make sure to return a product if you are not satisfied. Luckily this won’t happen to 99.9% of you and you will be perfectly happy with your purchase. This brand is excellent for beginners and newbies who are looking for excellent products on a tight budget.


  • Affordable prices
  • Free shipping possible
  • High-end products made from great ingredients
  • All kinds of products made using the latest techniques


  • Return policy
  • Slow website of the company

Healthworx CBD

HealthworxCBD can be the best brand CBD oil for all of us and there is a perfectly good explanation behind this claim. First and foremost the brand is located in the United States and it uses ingredients made in the same country. The farms are located in Colorado. The brand specializes in all kinds of products which include topics, tablets, pet products, accessories and etc. It is impossible to find the product you like made by this brand.

When it comes to potency, this company is outstanding. All of their products are tested and made to meet the highest expectations. We mentioned that their products are also the best value for money. This doesn’t look obvious but it is. All of you can get a massive discount and there are additional coupons for military personnel, seniors and low income families. If you add the discount to the equation you will end up with the best deal every single time.


  • Tested and approved ingredients
  • Well-made products
  • Pet products available
  • Discounts available


  • Initial prices are high
  • User instructions

Green Flower botanicals

Green Flower botanicals is one of the top CBD oil brands due to two reasons. The first one is the fact all of their products are made in the United States and they meet the latest requirements and each batch is lab tested. You can see the lab results at any given moment at the official website and you can know that the products are excellent in the lack of a better word. In addition, the ingredients are all made within the United States and they are 100% organic.

The second reason why this brand is so appealing is the fact they are always improving the offers and they are presenting new products made from CBD oil and hemp in general. This especially refers to the Colorado Full Spectrum Hemp Oils. If you are looking for the best CBD oil products and the latest products this brand is for you.


  • A long list of available products
  • All ingredients are tested and approved
  • Lab results available
  • New series of products is impressive


  • Return policy
  • High-end products are expensive

Bota Hemp

Bota Hemp is one of the best CBD companies and the most appealing choice for newbies. This is one of those best brands of CBD oil that helped millions understand the importance and the benefits of CBD oils. As such, you will like to know that the brand offers high-end products at a low price and each one is made from ingredients farmed in the United States. The state is Colorado, as you would expect.

The prices are affordable but you still get a premium product. All of their products are third-party tested meaning that the depended company will perform the tests at any given moment and provide accurate details regarding the data. You can clearly see the test results whenever you like on the official website and the company that conducted the tests. The only drawback we may have at the moment is a lack of data related to the company’s details and manufacturing process.


  • Affordable products
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Third party testing
  • Customer support


  • Lack of data
  • Some products are still non-tested

CBD pure

CBD pure is one of those CBD companies that makes a massive difference. The basics are simple to comprehend. They are located in the United States in Washington and they have a license for making and selling this kind of products. All of this means that their products are stunning in terms of quality and potency. We must also add that all the ingredients come from Colorado and all of the products are properly tested.

The list of available products is decent. It could be longer but it will be just sufficient for most of you. Something you will especially like is the fact this brand invests a lot of time and effort, more than any other brand into making their products and their processes even better. As such, we had to list the brand as one of the best ones in the world. Most of their products come with free shipping and a high level of potency.


  • Safe choice
  • Lab tested
  • ngredients come from the United States
  • Available lab results


  • Customer support
  • Poor packaging is possible

Intrinsic Hemp

Intrinsic Hemp is one of those brands that has a bright future already. The company was founded by David Haddix and they are trying to provide the bets CBD oils at a low price so all people from all over the globe can get the benefits. We liked this a lot and we must add that the best value CBD oil is commonly linked to this brand. They have excellent customer support that will help you with any issue you might have and they have regular subscriptions that are on the next level.

We can add that the company makes the best CBD oil on the market for humans and pets. Their products are all tested, come from ingredients from the United States, Kentucky more precisely and you can get the lab results when needed. In addition the products they offer include gummies, oils, vapors, pet products and more. You won’t have any difficulties finding the CBD product made by this brand.


  • Detailed lab results
  • Subscription benefits
  • Advanced customer support
  • CBD oil products for pets available


  • Some products come with poor instructions
  • Long shipping time frame is the best CBD oil for millions of people. They make all of their products using CO2 extraction and their ingredients come from the United States. As such, we must add that each product is properly tested and come with all the data you will ever need. At any given moment you can contact customer support and get an answer or any help you need. This company believes that CBD oils and related products are the ones that will enhance the life quality in the world and as such, they have a lot to offer.

The company offers pills, oils, gummies, creams and etc. at low prices. There are regular discounts available and you can save a lot of money by using coupons. In addition, they are known for fast shipping which is free as well.


  • Affordable prices
  • CO2 extraction process
  • All kinds of products
  • Customer support


  • Oils are expensive
  • Return policy is an issue

There you have it! The best CBD oils and products for sleep, pain, anxiety and other disorders. We always recommend starting with a smaller dosage and upgrading it gradually. Do what feels good for you! And don’t forget to do you your own research.

Best CBD Oil Brands and Compnaies To Buy CBD Oil From

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