American Shaman Review

American Shaman CBD Review

Now we will focus our full attention to the American shaman. This is another brand in the world of hemp oil and related products that come in bright light. There are a lot of facts you will need to know about them and we will reveal all. At the moment, we can only add the price and value. Their products are generally affordable yet safe and well-tested.


American shaman is a company located in the United States. They offer all kinds of CBD oil products and each one is properly tested. However, the tests are not completely transparent. The list of products is very long and there are over 20 different groups of products you can purchase. Each one is affordable and comes with exceptional quality.

Sizes of products are different which makes them suitable for all kinds of users. You will likely find a product made by this brand that you want to use and the one that will meet your expectations.

Cost of products

The products vary in size but we were able to see that they range between $10 and $110. Of course, you can get a massive discount of 30% and you can purchase products in batches which decreases the cost per a single mg or gram. Keep in mind that new products are added regularly, therefore, we can’t generalize the matter completely.

Safety and quality

American shaman CBD is exceptional if we take a look at the quality and safety.  All of them are made from non-GMO ingredients and 100% organic products. There are no artificial chemicals whatsoever and each product is tested and approved before being available for the users.

All of this means is that you can’t make a mistake by choosing this brand. The color of the products, CBD oil is gold which suggests the lack of additives and other ingredients that are not present in the plants.

Uses of products

These products are designed for all kinds of health issues and they are helpful. When medications don’t work, you can use CBD oil and get pain relief. In reality, these products are made for all kinds of problems which include:

  • Fatigue
  • Pain
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • More

The products offered by the brand can help you with all of these issues. Yes, they are safe to use and each package is properly tested and approved, as we have mentioned already.

Don’t forget that CBD shaman products come in different categories. You can get products for humans or for pets. There are CBD oil candies as well and also gummies, used as an addition to the treatment.

Customer support

AmericanshamanCBD has one of the best customer support you can find in the realm of CBD oils. First and foremost, their agents are pleasant and they will answer any question you may have. At the same time, the customer support is always available so you can get the information at any part of a day.

We always take a closer look at the customer support of these brands due to the fact it is an important aspect for newbies and those who want to start using CBD-related products. In a nutshell, this brand passes with flying colors and we can add that they are stunning in this aspect.

Ingredients used

We did mention that shaman CBD products are made from high-quality ingredients. They use only natural and organic ingredients without adding any chemicals or artificial chemicals. What this means is that you get the ultimate quality and the safety you want.

Beside all-natural and organic ingredients that are delivered from non-GMO plants, they use 100% CO2 extraction method. In the world of CBD oils and products, this is the best possible outcome and it has the best results. In other words, the extraction doesn’t damage the molecules and preserves the flavor and the quality of hemp oil.

All well-known and expensive products are made with CO2 extraction so you can get a clear picture of how safe and effective this method is. This is definitely the next best thing about this brand.


With the help of the CBD American shaman reviews and knowledge we have, it is time to present you with the dosage you need to follow. When you use drops of the oil, you have to start with 5 drops two times per day. Gradually increase the dosage until you reach 10 drops per day. Also, use it 2 times every day.

Creams basically need to be used 1 or 2 times daily. In order to make sure you get the best benefits and all the advantages, you need to monitor the progress. The goal is the dosage of 2 times per day in specific amounts that will have a huge impact on your life quality.

For other products, the brand offers detailed instructions and dosages. With them, you can find the optimal treatment that can assist you and make you pain-free.

Advantages of American shaman

  • Price

American shaman CBD oil reviews suggest their products are affordable and they definitely are. The prices vary but all products are considered as great value for money. For most of you, this is the primary advantage.

  • Variety of products

There are over 20 different products this brand has to offer. It is your mission to choose the one you want and start using it.

  • Ingredients

All the ingredients are non-GMO and 100% organic which gives you a better idea of how well-made these products are.

  • Customer support

The agents are always ready to help you and you can get an answer within minutes.

Drawbacks of American shaman

  • Lack of third party testing

There is no additional information some users need to know before using a product of this kind.


Americanshaman is an excellent alternative. They offer high-quality products at great prices and they have a lot of them. Add the overall quality of ingredients and Co2 extraction and you can be positive that these products will help you with any issue you may have.

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