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Have you ever envisioned the picture of a conventional head shop? It could be a storefront with dark-colored, dimly-lit rooms. There is no need for feeling scary in this type of ambience of the store. Nowadays, the head shop owners have started their business online. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, smoking accessories have become available on digital platforms. As you have started searching for the online head shops, you may have heard the name of Smoke Cartel. Smoke Cartel has become one of the popular online destinations to regular smokers.

Smoke Cartel with a good collection of products for the smokers

Smoke Cartel is one of the US-based (Savannah, GA) head shops, offering a variety of products. The best fact is that the online site of Smoke Cartel has a larger collection of products than that of the conventional physical head shops. The product range of Smoke Cartel includes scientific glass, heady glass, acrylic smokeware, glass accessories, oil accessories, vaporizers, grinders, detox products, rolling papers, novelty Items, herbs, spice and different other specialty products. Thus, to buy the smoking kits, you may visit

Availability of custom bong at SMOKE CARTEL

To smoke the herbs, you may look for a uniquely designed bong. Smoke Cartel gives you an opportunity of placing an order for custom bongs. Use the special Build-a-Bong tool at this online head shop. By combining the percs with different other features, you will be able to create a custom design for your bong.

User-friendly interface

It is easy to create an account at Smoke Cartel. You can use your social account to get into the site. Place your order from your Smoke Cartel account and check your order status at any time.

The price rate for the products

Most of us have a question on the price rates of the smoking tools, herbs and other accessories. Smoke Cartel sells its products at a reasonable rate. However, to help you in saving money, Smoke Cartel presents you with special deals.

  • Flash deals- These deals remain valid for a very limited period.
  • Clearance deals- Water pipes, glass bong and different other things are available at a discounted rate.
  • Cheap Glass Bong- It is another amazing deal for the glass bong lovers. However, the quality of these bongs is not cheap.
  • On Sale deals- You can find discounts on particular products, including the oil rigs, dab rigs and bongs.

When you have made a deal of more than $300, you will enjoy free shipping option.

Buying gifts for smokers and vaping enthusiasts

Smoke Cartel has helped you in buying the best smoking or vaping tools for your dear ones. Visit the site of, and you will find a separate menu on gifts. For instance, round base water pipes, Gravity Bong, Kandypens Rubi Vaporizers and other products are the gifts under $100. Similarly, when your budget is below $25, you can find a spoon hand pipe, rolling machine, grinder, rolling papers, and different other items.

Customer care

While you have any query on the purchase of the products, you may speak to the dedicated customer representatives at Smoke Cartel. These representatives are active all twenty-four hours. Thus, you will get a faster response from the team and solve your issues.

Smoke Cartel has its presence on social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

You may also visit the FAQ page of the website to know the answers of common questions.

Referral program

The Referral program has helped Smoke Cartel to draw more customers. Refer your friends and increase your chance of getting discounts. For each of the successful referrals, you will be able to earn 500 points. However, your referred friend has to make a purchase of more than $50. Your friends will also have 5% offer for their order.

GlassGuard Warranty

The glass bong and other glass accessories buyers always love long lasting products. Smoke Cartel knows it, and that is why it offers glass insurance program to the buyers. However, the GlassGuard insurance coverage is applicable for products of particular brands. The cost of GlassGuard coverage is 7% of the price of the product. Protect your investment by taking advantage of this GlassGuard insurance program.

Affiliate Program

Nowadays, you can find the Affiliate Program at most of the e-commerce sites. This online head shop also has this Affiliate Program. You can become the affiliate of Smoke Cartel and promote the products to earn money for successful deals. You will get 7 to 12% commission for every sale. Smoke Cartel will pay you the amount through Wire Transfer, Mail, Gift Card or Bitcoin.

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  1. Smoke Cartel is great at taking your money, apparently they don’t understand that they need to complete the order by shipping the item! Not only that, they won’t respond to multiple requests about said order!

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