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CBD Oil Face Serum – Rejuvediol™

CBDfx Face SerumThis CBD oil face serum strengthens collagen, reduces signs of aging, creates healthier looking skin and firms your skin up.

Ingredients: 250mg Full Spectrum Hemp oil, essential oils like red raspberry seed and jojoba.

How to use: Rub 8-10 drops of serum between your palms to warm it up and pat it evenly on clean face and neck.

  • Truly vegan with no animal products or harmful ingredients like parabens or phthalates
  • Made in the USA


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Pure Radiance Topical CBD Face Cream

Bota Hemp Pure Radiance Face Cream$79.95

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CBD Face Mask Bundle – 5 Pack

CBD Face Mask Bundle$29.95

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healthworxcbd CBD Rescue Butter$49.99

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Skin Vitality Oil Roll-On

healthworxcbd skin vitality oil roll-on$24.99

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CBD Body Butter

Endoca CBD Body Butter$35-$80

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CBD Lips + Skin

Endoca CBD Lips + Skin$10

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CBD Face Cleanser – Rejuvediol™

CBDfx face cleanser$39.99

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If you’ve been in touch with the skincare community at all lately you will see that CBD oil in products is huge right now. Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of CBD oil and I kind of want to break it down to you guys, tell you what it is, what it does for the skin, if it’s even legal.

So what is CBD oil? CBD oil stands for cannabidiol. A lot of companies have been coming out with CBD oil in their products like Kiehls and their cannabis oil, Peter Thomas Roth and their cannabis serum and Milk makeup and their cannabis infused mascara… all different kinds of products.

I’m going to try to break this down as simply as possible. When I started learning about CBD I was like wait isn’t this the same thing as like hemp and like what’s the difference. And I came to find out that there’s a huge difference so let me first explain the difference between CBD and hemp. So basically CBD is a cannabinoid – it is something that our body naturally creates to help regulate our sleep patterns, our mental patterns, our skin, digestion and even our memory. Cannabinoids or CBD can also be found in cannabis plants. And although this is kind of a different form from the kinds our body creates when we ingest it or apply it topically we can see a plethora of really good benefits for our skin. From studies they found that cannabinoids are really rich in vitamin A C and E which if you don’t know what those vitamins are they’re really good for anti aging abilities, soothing redness, getting rid of sun damage, basically everything that we want in our skin. A few studies have shown that there are very little risks when it comes to applying CBD oil topically to the skin.

Hemp basically has different purposes. It balances oil production within the skin, it calms redness and inflammation and it treats dermatitis. Does this still have good skincare benefits? Absolutely, but they’re a little different from CBD oil and the way that I would describe it is that CBD oil is
much more concentrated and has many more benefits than hemp oil.

CBD oil is extracted from hemp – another strain of the cannabis plant. Is CBD oil even legal to have in skincare? And honestly the answer is a bit confusing. So up until a few months ago CBD oil was technically classified as legal due to like anti medical marijuana laws in a lot of states why was it illegal well it was kind of complicated because hemp oil was legalized, but THC was not legalized and CBD oil kind of falls right in the middle, because it’s extracted from hemp, but it also has THC qualities for the skin. Now the good thing is that a few months ago Trump has made hemp oil legal in all 50 states and the exact words were “feds have removed all restrictions on the sale transport or possession of hemp derived products produced in a manner consistent with the
Law”. Now just this legalized marijuana or a little like THC? No, but it did present an opportunity for companies to have easier access to putting CBD oil in their products and once this happened everyone can jumped on the bandwagon. So overall, yes, CBD oil at this point is pretty much legal, you’re not gonna see a lot of legal restrictions because of the legalization of hemp oil.

When it comes to CBD oil and hemp oil there are a lot of like fact versus fiction that’s there. While certain studies have proved the benefits of CBD oil it is such a new thing to the industry and because marijuana was a long time considered like an illegal substance that couldn’t be consumed, not many studies were done on the potential benefits of the plant itself.

CBD oil hasn’t been approved by the FDA. FDA does not mean everything, but it’s pretty much the most comprehensive way of proving whether or not the ingredientit is safe for us or not. So because so few studies have been conducted it’s really difficult to fully trust companies on what they say.
The benefits that I was speaking of before with CBD oil have been proven in studies, but there’s a lot of other benefits that companies claim CBD oil has which aren’t technically like a hundred percent proven, so when it comes to purchasing CBD oil I would be cautious. I think it’s good to try new things and see what works for your skin, but also don’t put a hundred percent of your belief into it, because we still don’t know a lot about the ingredient. It’s good to be cautious when it comes to skin.

I think CBD oil has some potentially great beneficial aspects for the skin. And I think it’s a good idea to try some out and see how your skin responds to it, but I also think it’s a good idea to not believe everything that you hear about it, to take as much caution for CBD oil products as you would for any other skin care product. And try things out safely.

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