Classifying Weed – Is Marijuana A Depressant?

When compared to other plants, cannabis is one of a kind and it is hard to classify it. Is marijuana a depressant? Is weed a stimulant? What is marijuana classified as?

Weed as a depressant

To lots of people, marijuana is a stimulant. It is easy to tell why. Some of its known effects involve slowing down the transmission between brain and body parts. It will relieve tension from muscles, clear inhibitions and relax nerves.

There are more types of depressants from a medical point of view and they all target the central nervous system. They are given by doctors to handle problems like insomnia, sleeping disorders, depression and anxiety.

So, is weed a depressant? It certainly works like one. Some of its effects include sleepiness, dizziness and relaxation. But then, lots of people use it to deal with social anxiety.

Is marijuana a hallucinogen?

Hallucinogens have several definitions, but most of them revolve around the same things – the possibility to cause distortions in one’s perceptions. Most of these substances are artificial, but not cannabis. There are no secrets about it – high doses of weed can lead to delusions and hallucinations. Such effects are often temporary.

Given the results, weed is not indicated to those who suffer from various mental illnesses. After all, it can trigger or boost the symptoms of schizophrenia. At the same time, weed shares many effects with other hallucinogens. From dry mouth and nausea to loss of control, such results can easily put weed in the same category with other hallucinogens.

So, is weed a hallucinogen? It is definitely hard to classify it, but it can go in this category too.

Is marijuana a stimulant?

From many points of view, weed makes a good stimulant as well. Such drugs are usually more intense and include cocaine and amphetamines. Their main role is to improve one’s productivity, regardless of what they are doing. They will increase the heart rate and attention, but they will also raise alertness. In fact, they are often given to people who suffer from an attention deficit.

Like other stimulants, weed can easily lead to an elevated mood or a fast heartbeat, so it might as well be part of this category too.

Is marijuana a stimulant or depressant?

Or maybe a hallucinogen? In more official circles, weed is said to be a depressant with hallucinogenic and stimulant capabilities. But at the same time, it is not a stimulant, a hallucination or a depressant. People respond to it in unique ways, so its characteristics vary widely.

It normally depends on the way you respond to it. While it is a powerful depressant to some, it is also a good stimulant for others. The response varies from one person to another and depends on multiple factors – genetics, age, history, dosage and administration. In other words, while marijuana is a hallucinogen for you, it could be a stimulant for someone else.​

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