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For passing a drug test, it is common for people to look for solutions such as fake urine kits or pee detox pills. Of these, detox kits are proving themselves unreliable. Right now, the only solution that seems to work is fake urine. Synthetic urine for drug tests is perhaps getting more searches online than any other solutions to easily go through the modern drug testing procedure.

It may sound skeptical and unbelievable but people are looking for the best synthetic urine on the market. It is not your fault if you are skeptical, as several fake urine brands on the market are promoting themselves such that you are confused to know which one is the best.

The fact is that most of them are just marketing hype. Most synthetic urine products are out of date, have a less effective formula, are poorly made, or just do not have all the required ingredients for mandatory urinalysis. Thus, this post is dedicated to sharing the basics of synthetic piss and its reliable brands.

What is Synthetic Pee or Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine or pee is artificial but resembles the real urine in terms of chemical properties and look but without using any drugs or toxins. Now, this sounds disgusting but it is a lot cleaner than the natural piss. After all, it is fake! It is made to pass a drug test and is formulated in various labs across the globe.

Fake urine has been there for years but it has evolved significantly with modern technology. The best synthetic urine brands come with a precise pH balance for imitating natural human urine. It also has the same creatine, sulfates, ammonia, urea, and uric acid.

Can Drug Test Detect Synthetic Pee?

Yes, only if the synthetic urine is not made well, has expired, does not have the right temperature, or is not from a reputed brand. The best synthetic urine kits will exactly imitate uric acid, other ingredients, and temperature to pass the piss test. That is why you should not buy fake pee kits offered at highly discounted prices when it comes to where to buy synthetic urine near me.

How Long Does Synthetic Pee Last?

Synthetic urine comes with a restricted shelf life. It generally lasts from a few months to three years after which it can smell. The exact duration varies as per the brand, formula, and storage conditions.

What Temperature Should Urine Be for a Drug Test?

Not knowing the right temperature of fake urine is the main reason why people fail a test using synthetic urine. The recommended temperature range is between 90-100°F. To keep synthetic pee this warm, you may use heating pads having an integrated thermometer or heat activator powder.

Are all Synthetic Urine Brands Same?

No! The testing labs do not intent to get cheated by promoting people to use fake urine. Thus, scientists are struggling to make the test more foolproof. The best brands, simultaneously, are upgrading their products to overcome the latest testing standards. Thus, you cannot choose just any brand and expect its product to work.

Does Water Help You Pass a Drug Test?

No! Although water is good, it is not going to flush out the drug.

Is Synthetic Powdered Urine Reliable?

Synthetic powdered urine is effective but only up to some extent. As per our supervised research, synthetic urine reviews, and available fake pee brands, the liquid urine in synthetic form is more effective. However, a powdered urine has a longer shelf life.

Which Are the Best Synthetic Urine Brands?

If you have some more money to spend, we recommend going with superior synthetic urine kits that are Sub Solution and Quick Luck from Clear Choice. The urine of Quick Luck kit comes with a lot of chemicals that are also present in real human urine.

The kit also includes heating powder and a heating pad. The heating powder is just brilliant stuff to have, as you only pour into the sample and stir it for heating the liquid. There is no need for a heat pad in this case. However, you can use it to retain temperature if the test is delayed.

Thus, you get the best of both worlds. As the kit comes premixed, there is no need to use water.

The Sub Solution kit comes only with heat activator powder, which is the only point of distinction. Thus, it is a powdered urine kit. It has 11+ ingredients. It is cheaper than Quick Luck and is easier to use; just warm the mix of lukewarm water and urine powder and add the heat activator. Many sites have tagged it as the best synthetic urine of 2019.

If on a tight budget, you can try Quick Fix 6.2 that has a success rate of over 99%. It is a premixed synthetic urine kit that offers only heating pads although of high quality. However, keeping this urine warm is tougher. So, will Quick Fix pass a lab test? Yes! It is rigorously tested and will work as long as you use and store it properly.

It is easy to pass a simple pre-employment test with this kit, provided it has the right temperature range. It is also productive to find quick-fix near me.

Another budget choice is Monkey Whizz. The brand offers a variety of products, ranging from fake powdered urine to premixed urine and to the Monkey Whizz belt and the Monkey Dong device. Although the names are weird, they function based on a basic formula that lacks a few essential compounds. Thus, it is fine only for a basic test.

Where to Buy Synthetic Urine Near Me?

If you’re googling where to buy synthetic urine near me, don’t get carried away by those cheap prices. Do your research first! We suggest you go through some sites such as MedSignals for getting buying guidelines.

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