Best Medical Marijuana Strains

There are over 3100 different cannabis strains and each type is completely unique. Different strains come with different benefits, different taste and so much more. Today we are interested in the medicinal cannabis strains that will help you. Below you can see the most popular and the most beneficial strains of them all.

Top 9 Medical Cannabis Strains

Blue dream: Best for relaxation

Blue Dream is an indica sativa hybrid and as such offers the best from the both strains. The name comes as a mixture of words. This is a separate sub-type of Blueberry strain, therefore the word Blue is taken from the context. The second part is the Haze (sativa dominant) that is also known as Dream. When we combine both words, we will get the name in question. Blue dream has been the most popular and the most common strain on the web.

This strain allows you to experience euphoria and to be perfectly relaxed for quite some time. It is known for its versatility and overall safety. In addition, it is used for meditating and for removing stress from life. As such it is present on all Medicinal cannabis strains lists you can find today.

White Berry

White Berry is another of many medicinal cannabis strains we have covered. This is a special type of cannabis that has a more direct purpose and goal. First of all, it will help you with restless leg syndrome and it will have positive effects on the muscle spasms. There are many other strains with similar purposes and effects, but this one is slightly better than all of them and has a more powerful effect. You should smoke it at night because the results are the best and they last the longest. Last but not least this is one of the best medicinal cannabis strains, periods.

Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle is another choice on the Medicinal cannabis strains that can make amazing deep relaxation possible. We must add that the strain is commonly used at night before going to sleep and it will help you get relaxed within seconds and also have sweet dreams. The flavor includes lemon and pine and also peppery.

The goal here is to use one of the Medicinal cannabis strains that can help you reach the night wonderland. It is popular among people with insomnia and those who want to have a good night’s sleep.

Super silver haze

Super silver haze is a strain which will help people get more energy than ever before. It is also one of the most commonly applied medicinal cannabis strains in the world, especially the United States. The strain is also known as the best both worlds. It gives you energy, increases appetite and allows you to feel good vibes throughout the day. The flavor is floral, citrus and peppery.


A-Train is another of many medicinal cannabis strains that has been genetically improved. It is the dominant hybrid that decreases ocular pressure, making it suitable for glaucoma patients and is also increases appetite. All strains are desirable for a specific type of user, but the A-Train has been on the top 10 lists for a long period of time, starting in 2009. It is one of the best medicinal cannabis strains we can think of at the moment and it will likely stay here.

Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of sativa dominant hybrid medicinal cannabis strains. It is useful for daytime use and it has a smell you will notice from a great distance. The smell is somehow similar to the open gas tank and hence the name. But the strains have another advantage. It helps you with a better mood and positive thoughts. It is also known that the strain increases productivity. Of all different strains, this one is probably the best to use while at work (if possible) and offers effects that last long.


Mazar is a strain that can boost your mood and sedate you when nothing else can. It is one of the medicinal cannabis strains recommended and used by people suffering serious medical conditions without a cure. This is a part of medicinal cannabis strains that come from Afghanistan indica. It was the best strain in 1999 and a few years after. Keep in mind that it is more powerful than other strains and it is commonly used by those who want the mentioned strength of their cannabis. For growers, this is one of the easier strain to grow. As such, it is the most popular strain at online seed banks.

OG Kush

OG Kush is one of the oldest medicinal cannabis strains and well-known as medical marijuana in India and Asia. This strain is also very popular in other parts of the globe thanks to its effects on chronic pain. In a nutshell, it is indica dominant strain and it has the ability to calm you down, give you positive thoughts and also put a smile on your face. It is great to use at night when going to bed and when you suffer from chronic pain. The effects are present form the single bud and different users may experience different benefits. The strain is one of the most versatile medicinal cannabis strains due to the fact it has been crossed with countless, other strains in the past.


Here we have the last of our medicinal cannabis strains and the one that is very popular today. The strain is an excellent choice for treating depression and anxiety. It is also capable of eliminating stress from your life and it is beneficial for growers. The strain has longer flowering time and generally speaking it is one of the easiest strains to grow. We recommend it to the users who have above the average THC tolerance.


These were the best medicinal cannabis strains and now is your mission to pick the one that matches your criteria and your requirements. All strains are approved by various scientists and they are indeed medicinal cannabis strains with plenty of positive effects and actual benefits.

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