How to Detox from Weed in 24 Hours: A Brief Guide to 24 Hour THC Detox

Got to pass a drug test in the next 24 hours? Perhaps, this is why you have started reading this post. For passing the drug testing challenge, you need to know how to have a successful marijuana detox. For marijuana users, passing a weed drug test can be challenging. However, it is relieving to know that it is not impossible. You only need to know the effective detox techniques and the quality products to use.

Passing a Test has never been this Easy.

To remove marijuana out of your system in 24 hours or less, several methods have been revealed but a lot of them just do not work. This post just shares those methods that work along with other basic information for you to know with regards to marijuana detox in a day.

How Long Does THC Stay in the System?

Well, there is no universally applicable reply to how long THC remains detectable in the body. This is because the answer is dependent on different factors such as the:

  • Potency and purity of the weed consumed affecting the THC level in the body
  • THC half-life, which is 7 days after which THC metabolites reduce to 50% and that the body of an occasional weed consumer needs 3–4 weeks for getting rid of THC completely
  • Frequency of consuming cannabis; the body of frequent smokers retains the drug longer than that of the beginners
  • Quantity of smoking; the body of heavy users will have more THC than those who just had the first hit
  • Lifestyle of weed users, encompassing exercises, diet, and metabolism; those with an active lifestyle will clear THC quicker than those with sedentary one
  • Detoxification product you choose.

The most critical aspect of getting a good result of a drug test is comprehending the test itself. You may believe it to be just entering the test site and submitting your urine sample but there is more to it.

Regardless of the drug consumed, it is vital to know how long the drug’s chemicals can remain detectable in your body. Most drugs are untraceable in urine after almost a week, as they become a part of your bloodstream and are pushed out relatively quickly.

However, cannabis is soluble in fat due to which it remains detectable for up to two months or 60 days, as it binds to the fat cells. This is good news for an occasional smoker for whom traces of THC can vanish after a week.

How the Test Is Conducted?

There are four types of tests – blood, saliva, hair follicle, and urine.

  • Blood: Are not that common, as the window to detect banned substances in the blood is notably shorter than the remaining types. It involves taking a blood sample, which several people tend to consider as intrusive.
  • Saliva: Are also uncommon due to the low window of detection. This also means that there are not so many existing methods to cheat saliva tests.
  • Urine: Are perhaps most common, as they are the cheapest as well as easiest to administer. At times, a witness can be there while you deliver your urine sample to keep tampering at bay. However, it is illegal for this witness to look at your genitals directly. They test the sample for different factors in your urine, such as temperature, pH level, chemicals present, and levels of other hormones to ensure that your sample is genuine.
  • Hair Follicle: The toughest one to deceive. They are capable of testing for any drug consumed during the 90 days period.

During a drug test, a lab expert will collect a saliva, blood, hair, or urine sample and check it for the existence of cannabis compounds. These methods are likely to look for various compounds. For instance, a saliva test may look only for THC, while a urinalysis test may look for THC metabolites, and not THC.

Metabolites are chemicals that the human body produces while breaking down THC. For passing a urine drug test, the focus will be usually on a specific metabolite named THC-COOH, which should be less than 50 nanograms per milliliter.

If the test result is positive at this point, the lab will once more test your urine by asking another sample to see if there are 15 nanograms per milliliter. If positive during both rounds, you have failed the test. The lab will also test to ensure that the sample is not tainted. For this, it will check the color, pH, urine density, temperature, creatinine, and adulterants. Thus, it is wise not to use adulterants or cheap artificial urine.

How to Pass the Test?

Only a handful of ways can aid you with a 24-hour notice. These are artificial urine kits and detox kits.

Passing a Test has never been this Easy.

Synthetic urine does work, as it has advanced along with the drug tests over the years. The latest formulas very closely mimic real urine due to which most tests fail to detect the difference. Nevertheless, the urine’s temperature has to be precise. This is where a dispensing device comes to rescue.

You need to do your research in choosing the best synthetic urine product.

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A few recommendations are Quick Fix and Sub Solution.

It is also okay to collect a friend’s urine that is clean. However, it should be stored well.

Another famous method is to use a detox drink. These are not those that aid your diet but are scientifically formulated to pass your urine test within some time frame after it is consumed. Most of them come with specific instructions to follow, such as taking at a specific time prior to the drug test followed by waiting without peeing. Popular detox drinks include Mega Clean, Herbal Ultra Eminex, and Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse. You can read more about best detox drinks for drug test at sites such as Medsignals.


Abstinence from consuming cannabis is an evergreen way to pass a drug test. However, with just 24-hour notice, there are still ways that can work for you.

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