What Are Carb Caps And Why You Need One

Carb caps are a simple addition to your dabbing that comes in many shapes and many designs. They are usually made from titanium or glass to be able to withstand much higher temperatures. Other materials are available as well but they are a bit rarer in the modern age. You will see those glass models are the most common and they come in a variety of graphics and with different designs. We all agree that these units are some of the most spectacular and they can make your whole system more appealing as well. If you are looking for the ultimate quality and strength, pick the titanium model. They are the strongest of them all and they can withstand literally anything. They are not as heavy as you can imagine.

The best way we can explain what carb caps are is to take a look at the main purpose. You will place one of the tops of your nail. The unit will start working immediately. It will begin by increasing the temperature (trapping it inside) and also by improving the overall process. As your hash vaporizes, you will notice more flavors than ever before and each one will be more pronounced.

At this point, we can add that carb caps are designed to decrease the pressure in a dab. What this does is force the oils and ingredients to create wonderful bounds and flavors at much lower temperatures. A lower pressure decreases the temperature which then eliminates the risk of destroying or damaging some compounds from the source. The best part is in the fact all users get all the perks and features we have mentioned within seconds.

Another, interesting fact about carb caps is how these gadgets got the name. The name refers to the carb elements found on a pipe or a bong. Their purpose is to capture the temperature and more flavors, hence the second part of the name, caps. The name refers to the old accessories with the same or at least similar purpose, but they are relatively new. However, we noticed that more and more users are interested in carb caps and more of them are looking for a way to get the best-looking cap with the most needed design and quality.

Soon we believe to see a million models out there. Each one will be completely different, with a unique design and graphics that are able to match our system better than ever before.

How you can use carb caps?

We have mentioned that using carb caps is extremely simple and there are no complicated processes, steps or anything similar. All you need to do is to place a carb cap to the nail surface and it will start doing its job. You can lift it up or twist it to adjust the pressure and the airflow. When you discover the most desirable outcome, you are ready to start using carb caps for more advanced purposes.

Not all carb caps are the same. Some are designed to be spun in order to control the pressure and the airflow. There is no need to add that once you have to clean the dab, remove carb cap and clean it separately. Even if you have a glass model, there won’t be any risk from breaking or damaging the unit. They are typically very strong and durable.

Who and why need carb caps?

There are so many answers in this case scenario. Let’s begin with the obvious. Carb caps are designed and made for those who want better aroma and better experience in a single action. These caps can be used by newbies as well and they do not have any side effects, but they are still mostly preferred by professionals who want the best vapor, period.

Users who want and like to experiment with the matter and want to improve their experience as often as possible deserve the full attention of the carb caps. This accessory is small and simple in nature but has a huge effect on the vapor and the taste. You will be able to see the results and changes within the 1 second. The improvement will be massive hence the section here. If you are looking for a way or method to improve the overall experience, now you have one.

We all know that some dabbers (most of them) are addicted to getting the most precise and accurate heat at any possible moment. Let’s assume you are one of them. You will need carb caps and here’s why. They allow you to decrease the temperature and pressure but also to maintain the most desirable temperature for a longer period of time. In other terms, you get a longer and better experience that lasts longer.

To summarize the section. Carb caps need all dabbers who want more advanced, more detailed flavor and aroma of their vapor. The accessory is also ideal if you want to affect the process more and to change it in the lack of a better word. This is done by twisting or pulling the carb cap up and you can find your ideal combination within seconds.


Carb caps are a great addition if you want a way to make your dabbing better and more appealing. They are also a very affordable investment which can be used literally anywhere and as long as you like it. Of course, the addition is mostly desirable and appealing among users who need enhanced flavor, better aroma and better experience in general.

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