How To Clean A Bong

You probably have a bong in your house. How do we know? You are reading how to clean a bong, meaning you have one and you are using it. A good thing is a fact cleaning a bong is super easy and it doesn’t require any special technique or anything similar. Each user can clean it within a few minutes. Let’s begin with the obvious.

Why you should clean a bong?

A bong contains water. When water is left inside for a long period of time, it will promote mold, bacteria and germ growth. What this means is that your bong will be filled with contaminants. They must be removed on a regular basis or they will continue to grow and develop infinitely. This issue affects the massive and small pieces of the unit.

Let’s imagine a scenario in which your bong is filled with contaminants aforementioned. The taste, smell and overall experience when smoking will be compromised. Your weed may feel ‘’toxic’’ or ‘’bad’’. This simply means you have a dirty bong. Furthermore, even if you replace the bong water, the issue will remain, due to the fact contaminants will stick to the glass. Bottom line is, you must clean your bong.

How often you should clean a bong is recommended?

There are two answers here. Users who smoke occasionally should clean it more frequently. They will leave the water inside which will cause the problem. Users who smoke every day should clean it once per 48 hours. This is the case because they will replace the bog water more frequently and decrease the risk of bacteria and mold growth.

Steps for cleaning your bong

Below are the steps you have to follow when cleaning your bong. Make sure to follow all and don’t skip any of them.

  1. Pour out the old bong water

The first step is the most obvious. Simply pour out, empty your bong. Even if you have poured the water a few hours ago, dumping it is mandatory. You will have to clean the glass of the bong, hence old water isn’t needed. Start with this step each time you want to clean your bong.

  1. Disassemble the bong

Make sure to separate the steam and the bowl from the bong construction. Some models come with a bowl and steam which are separate elements. If possible, separate them as well. At the end of this step, you should have a completely disassembled bong.

  1. Rinse all the parts

Here is the first actual bong cleaning step. Use hot water to rinse all the components of a bong. Pay close attention to the small pieces. If possible use pipe cleaners to rinse hard to reach areas. Don’t forget to wear protective gear, in this case, dishwashing gloves. Adding lemon juice is possible in this step. Lemon juice will speed up the cleaning process and kill a big part of the bacteria present inside a bong.

  1. Place the components in containers (separately)

Place each bong component in a separate container. It should be with hot water and add isopropyl alcohol. Add salt as well. The thing is, you should add sufficient or more isopropyl alcohol than actually needed. Smaller pieces require ¼ cup of alcohol while larger will need ½ cup. It is mandatory to use alcohol and salty mixture! Isopropyl alcohol is also known as rubbing alcohol.

A reason why you need to add these two ingredients is very interesting. Alcohol will dissolve the hard stains, deposits or anything similar present on the glass of a bong. Salt will react as an abrasive compound and polish the glass safely, without damaging it. Alcohol and salt are very effective for this type of cleaning.

  1. Leave, shake and leave again

This is one step, not 3 on how to clean a bong guide. Leave the parts soaked for 15 minutes. You can leave them even longer and there won’t be any issues or damages present. Once you are ready to close each container and shake it hard. Shake it for a couple of minutes. Leave them soaked for 10 more minutes and repeat the step.

By this time, warm water will start dissolving the grime and all the contaminants inside. You can replace warm water with hot water if you prefer, but make sure to add alcohol and salt again. To clean your bong successfully shake as long as you can.

  1. Fill the tubes with salt and alcohol

In this step, you should fill all the parts of a bong with salt and alcohol. Close the holes on both sides and shake. How this cleans a bong you may wonder? The mixture will reach all areas and parts of a bong and dissolve the grime and dirt. Leave it for a couple of minutes and move to the next step. It is a mandatory step in how to clean your bong guide!

  1. Rinse the bong pieces

This part of cleaning your bong guide is simple. Remove the plugs you used to close the holes and rinse the elements with hot water. Using rubbing alcohol at this stage is optional. Make sure there are no traces of rubbing alcohol or salt present and rinse until the glass is perfectly clean. Use pipe cleaners if possible.

  1. Repeat 3-7 steps

Cleaning your bong is not over yet. Some of you will notice that the bong is filled with dark grime and contaminants. If that is the case, use rubbing alcohol and salt in larger amounts and repeat all the steps between 3 and 7. Repeat them as long as needed. Assembly the bong and you are done.


Now you know how to clean a bong. Basically, you will need rubbing alcohol, salt and hot water alongside 10 minutes of your time. The end result is a clean bong that looks like new and doesn’t affect the taste or odor of weed while smoking. Don’t forget that all of this is a regular, mandatory part of maintenance and it applies to all bongs and affects all users.

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