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Many people enjoy smoking weed – some every now and then, some quite heavily – and that’s been the case for many decades. The problem is that nowadays, employers like to know (or at least believe) that their staff are clean, and drug tests are not an unusual occurrence in the workplace. Furthermore, if you are applying for a new job and get through the interview stages, you may then be asked to take a drug test; failing it means no new job.

When you know you have a drug test in the offing, you need to start getting rid of the tell-tale signs of marijuana. This means cleansing your body of THC – tetrahydrocannabinol – which is the compound that the test will be looking for. THC remains in the fatty tissue in the body for a long time after you’ve smoked marijuana, and every type of drug test is designed to detect it. So, how do you go about preparing for a drug test? Follow our tips and you’ll give yourself the best chance.

How to Begin

First, we will say that there is no guarantee that you will pass your drug test, even if you use the best THC detox kit recommended by the experts. What a detox kit does is give you the very best chance of achieving a clear test, and they are successful in many cases. In truth, the only way to be sure of passing a THC drug test is not to smoke weed!

Furthermore, if you are a newcomer or alight smoker, perhaps you have just had a couple of joints in the recent past you stand a better chance of cleansing the body of THC and other toxins than someone who smokes weed every day. This is why the better THC detox kits offer a choice of 5-day and 10-day detox plans.

Whats the first thing to do when you hear you have a drug test coming up (and in most cases your employer or prospective employer will be fair, and will give you plenty of notice)? That should be obvious: stop smoking marijuana right now. Dont have one last smokebefore you stop; stop, right now, and resign yourself to not having a smoke until after youve passed the test.

Once youve stopped, you need to look at starting a detox routine, and that means getting hold of your detox kit.

How to Detox

The best detox kit on the market is, we believe, one called Toxin Rid, but you need to know the routine has to be adhered to very carefully. If youre on the 5-day programme, you need to take 3 pills each hour, five hours in succession, every day. Its very important you stick to this.

The kit also contains a detox liquid: this is to be taken in two lots as the instructions explain on the final day of the detox programme. Theres also a dietary fibre provided; this is to be taken again as instructed an hour before the test, after which you need to drink an allotted amount of water, and urinate.

Its simple, but it does take some dedication and commitment to get it done. It is also recommended that you drink a lot of water during the detox period this will help flush out the toxins and take any exercise you can, as this will also help.

We will repeat what we said earlier: if youve just discovered youre getting a drugs test, youre not having another joint until after the test. Start now, get your detox kit ordered, and you stand the best chance of flushing that THC from your system and passing the test.

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