Buying weed in san francisco – Is it Legal?

Since marijuana became legal in California – as it has subsequently in many other states of the USA – the market for weed has exploded. There are so many weed dispensaries, both on the streets and online, that it can be difficult to find one that you can trust to sell you the quality cannabis that you want. On the plus side, this sort of competition means that you have greater choice. For example, whereas before legalization you had to make do with whatever your supplier could get his hands on, now you will find outlets offering a wide variety of different strains of cannabis, so you can try something new!

What do you need to look for when you buy marijuana for yourself? First, you need to make sure you are buying good quality weed, with a decent THC content. THC is the compound that gives you the high, and there are certain strains of cannabis that are very low in THC, and others that are notably higher. You want the latter, and you want to see the content written in front of you when you browse the website of an online weed dispensary. One way to tell if you can trust an outlet is by the quality of their website: serious retailers will have one that is well-designed, easy to use and offers you comprehensive information.

Quality and Assurance

As with any product you buy, you want to be able to see what it contains – we’ve talked about the THC above, and you might also want to check for CBD content – and it is also important to know the strain of cannabis you are buying, and where it was grown. A vast proportion of the marijuana sold in the US is grown in California, and a good seller will tell you where and when it was cultivated.

You also want to know that there were suitable quality processes in place when and where your cannabis was grown. Look for guarantees of third party testing which gives you the reassurance that you are getting a good product. Furthermore, different strains have a different effect, so check with your supplier for any information they can offer you on the effect, taste, and reputation with other customers before you buy. Put simply, a good weed dispensary will be open and honest about every aspect of their product, so that you return to them for a regular supply.

Where to Find a Weed Shop

It is your choice whether you want to shop online or on the street. But thanks to lower operating costs, the best buys are to be found online. This guide to the top 10 weed shops in Francisco gives you more locations and lots of information on the best and most reputable suppliers in and around San Francisco, so you don’t have to travel very far to get your supply!

In fact, there may come a point where you don’t have to travel at all, as it is now permitted for you to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home for your use according to the new laws brought in in California in 2016. Note that while other states have similar laws, not all have yet legalized cannabis usage, so if you’re not in California we recommend you check the local laws before you start buying your weed.

As a final word, we will say be careful when buying online, and make sure you have thoroughly checked out your chosen supplier. If they won’t answer your questions there are plenty that will, so choose carefully, and enjoy your legal weed!

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