7 Tips to Save Money While Vaping

One of the driving forces behind many individuals making a switch to vaping is usually the amount of money one can save. There are several ways to save money while vaping without compromising on the quality of the products used. In this post, I will discuss the best tips to save cash while vaping. I’ve included some ideas that novices can use when getting started and tips for the experienced vapers.

  1. Shopping online

Although most vapers can access local vape shops in their neighborhoods, they still opt to shop over the internet for all their e-juice and vape gear needs. That’s because, unlike the brick and mortar vape stores, online shops can provide their customers with the best prices. Therefore, buying vaping products online is one of the best ways to vape for less without compromising on the quality of the products used.

  1. Signing up to Daily Vape Deals Newsletter

The other way to vape for less is by watching the daily vape deals websites for the latest discounts and offers on vape gear. The website VapingCheap.com offers a great vape deals newsletter that gets delivered daily. Joining the deals newsletter is 100% free and if you vape your sure to find some amazing deals within the first week after signing up. The site also keeps a nice collection of vape coupons for almost every brand on the market. Before I purchase anything vape related online, I stop by Vaping Cheap and search for the product I’m looking to buy. Even if I can only find expired deals, I still get a good idea of how cheap the item is being sold for online so I don’t overpay.

  1. Reviewing products

Most vendors offer good incentives to leave reviews of their vaping products. A few months ago, I left a review after purchasing from I Love E-Cigs, and apart from the 2% member discount, I received a 3% discount, saving me 5% off my purchase. A vaper can also save 25% in the form of coupon codes by making a 30 seconds video review.

  1. Purchasing bundles

The other way that can help vapers save a lot of money is purchasing e-liquids in bundles. Bundles include different e-liquid flavors from one manufacturer put together into one big money-saving product. These bundles allow most vapers to try some flavors they otherwise would not, allowing them to discover some new favorites while spending less. I’m particularly attached to a single e-liquid brand, and since I get them regularly, I have realized that bundles usually get me more variety and more e-liquid flavors for less money. I can further reduce my costs by signing up for a recurring order, so I can enjoy other additional discounts every month while making sure that I don’t run out of e-juices.

  1. Switching to economy liquids

When we are strapped for cash, going for economy e-liquids can be a great selection. The average range costs between $7 and $10, while the most expensive goes for around $15. Besides, some economy e-liquids usually come in 200 ml or 100 ml bottles. That allows vapers to save by purchasing in bulk, an option that cannot be afforded by the premium e-liquid brands because they only come in sizes of 30 ml to 60 ml. Depending on the amount a person vapes, one can save a maximum of $100 every month by going the economy liquids way. It goes a long way to show how much one can save by making a small switch.

  1. Switching to refillable kits

The main difference between refillable and pre-filled pod kits is the way the e-liquids go in. With a refillable kit, a pod will come with the e-liquid ready to vape, but the pre-filled varieties require the vapers to do it themselves. However, that is fast to pick up, particularly with the rise of the side and top filing pods that have been specifically designed to support vapers while traveling, or those who are making the step to refilling.

Just like convenience, vaping always comes with a cost. A pre-filled pod kit or any other disposable vape kits might be simple, but a vaper can save some money by switching to refillable kits that only require minimal maintenance. These kits also make it easier for vapers to switch to different nicotine strengths without buying brand new pods each time.

  1. Buying in bulk

One way to cut on vaping costs is to consider buying cheaper e-liquids. A 60 ml bottle of upper-tier premium e-liquid can cost you as high as $30. These e-liquids are usually more expensive for different reasons; they offer complex combinations of flavor, use more ingredients, and use high-quality nicotine to ensure it doesn’t become oxidized. There are undeniably a lot of reasons to fall for them, but saving cash is not one.


Most vapers understand that vaping can help save a lot of money, but the technological side of vaping causes many people to assume that vaping is expensive. The hardware aspect of vaping may be costly, but I’ve realized that after purchasing a good vaporizer, e-liquids automatically becomes a primary expense. The seven easy ways discussed above can help both novices and experienced vapers to save a lot of money without trying to stop smoking or compromising on the quality of the products they use.

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