Best Detox shampoos for a drug test

The system develops drug tests often, to be one step ahead of consumers and keep a firm hand on drug abuse. The latest trend in detecting drug consumption is the hair follicle test. But just like all the other types of tests, this one also can be beaten.


Why hair follicle drug tests exist in the first place 

Companies are testing for drug use for a long time. Until recently, urine drug tests were the most common. But the Occupational, Health, and Safety norms included hair follicle tests mainly because they are more reliable. They are also harder to cheat.

An important reason why these tests became so popular is that they can track your drug abuse further in the past than a urine test. Hair follicle tests will detect drug use from the past 90 days to the previous 12 months. A urine test only tracks drug use for the past days.

Furthermore, hair drug tests will indicate the chronology of your drug use. It will show when you took the drug and how often you took it.

Your hair is growing because it has access to blood. The blood reaches the hair follicle and makes tracing the substances you consumed easier. During the test, drugs can be found directly in the hair or on the hair. And this evidence remains on your hair as it grows. This makes the hair follicle test a more complex one and, therefore, a more popular one among companies.

Hair drug tests are 99% accurate, according to the companies that manufacture them. This is still debatable though since many people beat them successfully.


How does the hair follicle test work?

The test itself is straightforward. The person in charge will take a sample of your hair from any part of your head. They will cut between 1.5 inches and 2 inches of hair to cover your drug use history for the past three months.

From the moment your hair sample gets to the testing laboratory, you can expect to receive a result in a maximum of three days.

These tests will quickly reveal any consumption of alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opiates, MDMA, nicotine, LSD, and others. You will discover that hair drug tests can track the majority of drugs that reached your system in the past 90 days.


How can you beat the test

As we mentioned, you can still beat these tests. Here are different methods that you can choose to win a hair follicle drug test.

Stop using drugs for more than 110 day

This is most likely the safest method. 100 days is the time your hair needs to grow 1.5 inch which is all the company will look into.

Shave your entire body

This seems like a suitable method, but it might be a bit too obvious. Most employers will find it peculiar that you shaved your hair and become suspicious. You will still get a urine test, so this is not a method to rely on.

Prepare your detox mix

You can use over the counter chemicals to detox your hair. A popular recipe includes Aloe Rid shampoo, vinegar, and salicylic acid. Other methods use bleach. However, there are split opinions regarding these homemade methods. And if you want to get that job, you might not be willing to risk.

Use detox shampoos

This is one of the safest and easy to apply method. It is also one of the easiest ways to beat a hair drug test. But you need to find the best hair follicle detox shampoos that will help you in the process. So, here are the top three detox shampoos to beat a hair drug test!


Aloe Toxin Rid


shampoo for drug test

This is one of the most popular shampoos that can help you get a hair drug test negative. To get clean of drug traces, you should use this shampoo three to ten days before the test. You will have to wash your hair daily in this time frame. Every time you wash your hair with Aloe Toxin Rid, you should leave it in your hair for up to 15 minutes before you rinse it. This allows the shampoo to get deeper into the hair follicle and get rid of the substances. In total, you should wash your hair a minimum of 15 times before your test to get clean.

Useful tip: Rub the shampoo good enough on your scalp every time you wash your hair. Use plenty of your regular conditioner too. And try to wash your hair twice a day in the past two to three days before your test.


Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo


Another shampoo that is well-known for its ability to clean drug traces is Ultra Clean. You can use this shampoo in combination with the Aloe Toxin Rid one for better results. This shampoo comes with a purifying treatment as well as a special conditioner too. So, you receive all you need to get clean for your test.

The shampoo will get all the debris and dirt off your hair so it will expose the inner layer. After this step, you should use the purifier, which penetrates the hair shaft and eliminates chemicals. The conditioner comes to seal the whole process and leave your hair smooth and clean.

This shampoo, along with the purifier and conditioner, will offer you results by just using them the day of your hair test. You might want to use the Aloe Toxin Rid three to ten days before the test and save this Ultra Clean set for the big day. This strategy will most likely eliminate all the drug residue from your hair and hair shaft.

Useful tip: After you wash your hair with the Ultra Clean detox set, you should stay away from pillowcases, combs, or other items that were in contact with your hair before the detox process. This is important to avoid contaminating it again!


Clear Choice Shampoo


detox shampoo

The last but not the least detox shampoo that you can rely on is the Clear Choice one. This one also comes as a set with a shampoo and a purifier. And it is essential to use them both for the best results.

This set is enough for one hair to wash as both the shampoo and purifier come in 2 oz bottles. You will have to pour the entire bottle of shampoo on your hair after you got it wet and massage it diligently. Make sure you cover the whole surface of your hair and keep the massage going for a minimum of five minutes. Once you are done, rinse the shampoo off with warm water.

The next step is the purifier. You will also use the entire purifier bottle and massage well enough to reach all the parts of your hair. After you finished massaging, please leave it in your hair for up to 15 minutes before rinsing it.

With these two steps, you are drug-free, and there is no more evidence of your drug consumption in your hair. You can use this set on the day of the test, just like you would use the Ultra Clean set. It will leave your hair clean and looking good in less than one hour!



As you can see, the hair follicle drug test is not as infallible as the companies claim it is. But you have to use the best detox shampoos to beat it. Stay away from cheap options that promise you miracles! Most likely, you will not get the results you want as the quality detox shampoos don’t come at a low price. By trying one or all of the three shampoos in this guide, you will not fail, and you will get the job you want with no stress!

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