Is Weed Legal In Canada?

If you want to purchase weed in Canada, one of the first aspects you will need to look at is the legislation. You might be interested in recreational marijuana, medicinal marijuana or CBD products. The good news is that you can find all these products in Canada as the cannabis market developed significantly in the past years.


But it wasn’t always as easy to find cannabis in Canada as it is today. In this guide we will discuss all the legal implications of purchasing weed in Canada. We will also address the type of weed you can buy and from where. So, keep on reading to find the right answers to such questions!


Canadian legislation regarding the different types of cannabis

Cannabis is available in many types of products nowadays. Some countries allow customer to purchase medicinal marijuana under certain conditions and the regulations might differ for other types of cannabis. Let’s take a look at the laws in Canada for main types of cannabis you might be interested in buying!


Recreational weed

Recreational weed is very popular in Canada and also legal. You can purchase it for personal consumption every time you want to relax or enjoy a fun time with your friends. The country took the legalisation of cannabis one step at a time.


On 17th of October 2018, the Cannabis Act allowed consumption of cannabis under certain rules. Consumers had to be at least 18 years old and they couldn’t have more than 30 grams of cannabis in public places. Along the past two years, regulations evolved for the better and nowadays edibles, concentrates as well as other extracts are legal as well. However, when cannabis first became legal, it appeared to be a lack of supplies to satisfy the potential clients. There were long lines to wait in if you wanted to get it from a weed shop. And even these shops were not as frequent.


Nowadays, things changed and not only that there are more shops to access if you want to get some recreational cannabis but you can also find a wider variety. You can even buy weed online which makes it very convenient and easily accessible.


Medicinal marijuana

Medicinal cannabis will not be a problem to find in the great country of Canada either. As the scientific industry kept finding proves of the positive effects of marijuana on certain diseases as well as different chronic pains. People started to try the magical plant more often in order to alleviate their symptoms.


Medicinal marijuana is also legal in Canada and it has even a longer history than recreational cannabis. This type of weed is legal since 2000 and it started by being allowed to people with certain conditions. Twenty years ago, medicinal cannabis was recommended to patients who had HIV/AIDs but along the past two decades it became a reliable treatment for diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, Anxiety, chronic pain and even Cancer pain. Between 2015 and 2019, patients who used medicinal marijuana went from 23,900 to 360,000. and their number keeps growing every year.


In order to purchase medicinal marijuana in Canada, patients can go to a medical marijuana dispensary, purchase it online and even grow their own plant. In 2013, the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) was created in order to regulate licenses that producers need so they can grow marijuana plants. As a patient, you will need to prove your medical condition once a doctor put your diagnosis so you can purchase medicinal cannabis. But this is not a problem and the regulations tend to be more relaxed in present days than they were back two decades ago.


CBD products

A big part of the cannabis industry is represented by the large range of CBD products. CBD, along with THC, are active parts of the cannabis plants and they are responsible for the amazing benefits that these plants have to offer. CBD in particular is a cannabidiol that doesn’t give the consumer the “high” sensation they would obtain from THC. However, CBD has other benefits as it is helpful in epilepsy treatments, reduces inflammation and keeps chronic pain under control.


CBD is also legal in Canada and very much easy to find. CBD products became legal in October of 2019, along with the Legalization 2.0 document. Before this document, CBD was only legal for medical purposes and not recreational use as it is a cannabis extract. This regulations were confusing for CBD enthusiasts but everything got sorted out along with the latest regulations.


CBD is widely used for its health benefits and wellness effects. It can have a great effect as a skincare product which is why it started to reach the beauty industry as well. It is a great cannabis extract to help with muscle relaxation as well as sleep problems. And you can find CBD in many forms including oils, vapes or edibles. In order to get CBD products you don’t need a medical prescription as you would have needed in the past. And considering the positive ways these products could impact your overall health, you should definitely give them a try!



As you can see, getting cannabis in all its forms will not be a problem in Canada. The country became somewhat of a global example in terms of cannabis regulations. Even if the country’s legislation is still adapting from one year to another according to different market requests, we can only expect good news regarding the production and consumption of weed in Canada. An important aspect you should keep in mind as well is the fact that most producers and stores that offer weed products are located in Ontario. You will find them in other areas of the country but a lot less frequently and with a smaller range of products to choose from according to your preferences. So, decide what you want to try and chances are Canada will have it right at your fingertips!

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