How To Make Money In The Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is taking off nowadays as it began its rampant development in the past years. With the popularity of medicinal cannabis increasing, more people are considering to join the trend and start a business in this field. But the unknown can keep you away from such a goal that could bring you plenty of benefits. This article will guide you toward the best strategy to make money in the cannabis business without any hassle!


How can you start a cannabis business

Starting a cannabis business is the first aspect you should focus on. If you want to do this on your own and start from scratch, you will need resources such as land, financing and obtaining the right licenses. You will also need employees and a good management team to start your business journey.


Luckily, if you are joining the right crowdgrowing community, this is easier than you might think. And JuicyFields is one of the best crowdgrowing projects you can work with in this industry.


JuicyFields is working on two main fields in the cannabis industry. For once, it is coming in the help pf small cannabis businesses that need to access funds in order to expand. On the other hand, JuicyFields is working towards generating cannabis products, including oils and vapes, that are more affordable to the wide target audience. Along these lines, you can become a cannabis grower without having to invest in pricey licenses or having a generous start-up capital.


If you want to join JuicyFields, there are some easy steps you need to follow:


Create an account on the platform

To start with, you will have to register on the JuicyFields platform, which should only take a few minutes. Once you introduce your details and create an account, you will have access to a demo plant. The demo plant is a great section on the website if you want to understand how growing works and what outcome you can expect. Keep in mind that you have to be at least 21 years old to join the JuicyFields project.


Check out the plant selection

At JuicyFields you can choose between various medicinal cannabis plants. There are different strains that can be used to obtain different products. The growing period as well as the conditions might be different as well from one plant to another. This is why you need to get familiar with all these strains before you start your journey as a cannabis grower.


Choose your plant

All you have left to do now is decide which plant or plants you want to start growing. You can choose one plant or more as well as plants from the same strain or different strains. JuicyField will guide you step by step in the growing process and assist you with all your potential issues. You can visit the plantations at any time by simply making a request to do so, at the email address [email protected].


What about investment and profit

Unlike traditional cannabis businesses that have to start with an investment of tenths of thousands of dollars or even more than that, depending on the state you are from, JuicyFields gives you access to this opportunity for a minimum investment of 50 euros. You can invest more than this according to the type of yield you choose which can be one of four levels” small, medium, high yield or ultra yields.


As for the profit, this will not delay to appear in your bank account. The period of time you have to wait to see an income is roughly three months. It can be a few days more depending on the type of plant you choose to grow when you first join the project. You can easily expect to make a profit in the range of thousands of dollars if you stick to this project for the long haul.


The benefits of working in the cannabis industry with JuicyFields

There are plenty of advantages to look forward to when you start your collaboration with JuicyFields.while some are more obvious, others will show their impact on your professional path over a long period of time.


It is completely legal

The legal aspect is not something you will have to worry about. The JuicyFields team will guide you towards the countries where medicinal cannabis businesses are legal and expected to bloom in the next years. All the growers as well as the processing partners that work with JuicyFields have the licenses they need in their country to develop such an activity.


You will know what income you can expect with no risks

The biggest hassle when it comes to growing cannabis is how much profit you will make compared to the investment. But with JuicyFields you will know that as soon as you start selling your harvest. You will not gamble with your investment and you will know at all times the amount of profit you can count on.


It only takes a few clicks

You can create a successful cannabis business right from your home. There is no need to worry about paperwork or spent time and money to get the authorizations you need in your region. You can start in a matter of minutes and see results of your work with minimum efforts. No other type of cannabis business can offer you this level of comfort.


You can break into the international cannabis market

By becoming a crowdgrower, you have a unique chance of entering foreign markets without leaving the comfort of your house. The cannabis industry is expected to grow with 853% until 2024, which is why you should get into it from the beginning of this development.



In order to start a cannabis business as a crowdgrower for JuicyFields you don’t need any experience. It is simple enough to help you gain plenty of experience within the project and without having to stress at all. The risks involved in cannabis industry are reduced to a minimum with this platform so you can take the steps you are comfortable with and don’t invest more money than you can afford. It is time to join the best crowdgrowing cannabis community and find your path towards a successful business!

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