CBD Oil Uses & Benefits

There has been much debate surrounding the benefits and use of CBD oil – that’s short for cannabidiol, one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant – and also a great deal of research has been carried out into what is a very interesting compound. Before we talk about some of the reported benefits, there’s one thing to get clear: CBD oil won’t get you high. This is because it contains either none or merely trace elements of the compound that does get you high, which is THC.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are some of the major benefits of using CBD oil, and what you might use it for.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

We should say that there is still ongoing discussion about the actual benefits of CBD, and many of those we quote here are largely from the testimony of users, rather than medical research. To begin with, according to cbdoilgeek.com which is an authority site containing much information on CBD oil and other products, CBD oil is widely reported to help with pain management.

It has been found to be an anti-inflammatory, which would go hand in hand with pain reduction, and is used by – and indeed prescribed to – patients suffering from a variety of ailments involving chronic pain. Research is ongoing as to the pain-relieving effects of CBD, and also some of the other benefits mentioned in this article.

Helps with Anxiety and Depression

The sheer numbers of people across the world who suffer from depression and anxiety are bewildering. Anxiety is a very real problem in the modern world, and one that has thankfully been recognised as a medical problem. Depression often occurs alongside anxiety, and many millions of people take a variety of anti-depressants as a regular medication.

A large number of people have reported that taking CBD oil helps greatly with depression and anxiety. Furthermore, it would seem that it does so with little or no side-effects as associated with anti-depressants. Studies on human subjects are ongoing, but laboratory trials with mice have shown very positive results when CBD was compared with prescription drugs.

Helps with Poor Sleeping Patterns

It has been shown that while THC – the psychoactive element of the cannabis plant – sends you to sleep, CBD may actually do the opposite. This means that if you take CBD and stay awake longer, you will be party to more natural sleeping patterns. Many users take CBD for this reason, and with – according to their testimony – great success, so it’s worth checking out if you have trouble with regular sleep.

Works Against Cancer Cells

In the last decade, a number of clinical tests have been carried out to see if the old claim that marijuana can fight cancer is true. In some studies involving animals, CBD was found to stop the spread of cancer cells and also to prevent their growth. Note that these tests are so far animal-based, and we are still waiting for human tests to yield results. However, those in the medical profession who have studied CBD and cancer believe it could lead to a major breakthrough.

The above are just a few of the many reported benefits of using CBD oil. Others that have been mentioned include it being a great aid to stopping smoking, that it helps the digestive system do its job efficiently, that is an anti-psychotic, and many more that you can read in-depth about at cbdoilgeek and other resources.

If you think that CBD oil may be of benefit to you, now is the time to investigate further, so read up and see if could be the solution to your problems.
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