Top 10 Retail Dispensaries In Canada

1. CAFE in Ontario

CAFE has a speakeasy feel to it (due to the regulations of the Ontario dispensaries). And like any true speakeasy, it doesn’t get much cooler than the CAFE vibe. Everything from the interior design to the product selection communicates quality and is on brand. 4 locations with same-day delivery options. Super cool café built into every store. Truly a must see.

Experience. Simple. Minimal.

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2. City Cannabis Co.

Previously, its name was Vancity Weed. The founder of City Cannabis Co. is Krystian Wetulani, who got inspiration and gained knowledge from Starbucks. However, Krystian is also now one of the most reputed cannabis influencers in social media. He has thought of designing a streamlined and customer-friendly dispensary in Canada. Backed by education and science, this dispensary offers high quality, reliable products. The customers get the best guide from the dedicated budtenders at this dispensary. There are two outlets, selling medical-grade cannabis. Krystian has enjoyed the taste of success in 2016 after getting the award of the City Best Dispensary.

Experience- Minimalist setting, homey touch

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 3. The Medicine Box in Quebec

This Indigenous owned recreational cannabis dispensary recently got a shoutout from the one and only Snoop Dogg on his social media. And let’s be honest, if ‘it’s Snoop approved, ‘it’s going to be top notch. They offer an impressive amount of choice in dried cannabis strains, infused edibles, CBD only products. They will be testing (according to their site, in May 2019) their bud and concentrate products for THC/CBD and pesticides in their very own “”Medicine Lab””, and not many dispensaries can say that.

The team at Medicine Box always makes sure that the customers, passionate about the cannabis industry and marijuana plants, have enjoyed the positive effects. They have applied a unique combination of different skill sets to present the customers with a new perspective. They have teamed up with cannabis cultivators, herbalists and free thinkers. Have a visit to Medicine Box and try out their cannabis products.

Education. Quality. Trendy (Snoop Dogg Approved).

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4. Fire and Flowers

Inspired with Johnson Chou, the reputed interior designer, some legal cannabis business owners have created this cannabis retail unit. Presently, it has received thirty-seven cannabis retail-unit licenses. Fire and Flowers has community-focused stores, presenting you with well-lit and bright spaces. You can find polished vibe inside the stores. The display cases in the store walls have transformed the overall ambience.

At Fire & Flower, the professional team has picked the accessory and cannabis strain very thoughtfully to give the best sensation to the customers. You will also learn something and get useful information from the cannabis shop, Fire & Flower.

Experience- Sophisticated, User-friendly

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​5. Budzilla

With a vast collection of cannabis and various weeds, Budzilla is something more than a dispensary. Budzilla team has chosen a cannabis-friendly site in Vancouver for establishing its special lounge of 800 sq. ft. 40 visitors may easily take their seats and engage in the group meetings. This V.I.P. Lounge also offers the opportunity to enjoy the live shows and music to get fun.

Experience- Good stock, entertaining place

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6. MMJ Canada

Established in 2013 in the city of Vancouver, this MMJ Canada has recently developed its dispensary in various locations. We have also found its presence in Toronto. The most amazing thing about its dispensaries is the high-tech decors. The modern cannabis buyers will surely love this type of design. More than 30 strains of flowers are available to you at MMJ Canada. It has now become easy for you to invest in the right strain for alleviating the symptoms or medical issues. You may take time to speak to the budtenders for addressing the health problems and the positive effects of the strains.

Experience- Health-conscious, informative

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7. The Village Bloomery

As one of the cannabis aficionados in Canada, you may have a visit at this dispensary. Most of the first-time buyers have become amazed at its unusual setting. The artful arrangement of the floor plants and the display of the colorful products have created a unique setting. The sidewalk furniture reflects a bright yellow tone. The on-site café is another attraction to the customers. Thus, you can find a different type of cannabis culture at The Village Bloomery.

Since the time of the establishment of its medical-grade cannabis store in 2015, The Village Bloomery has grabbed different awards. This dispensary has focused more on the self-roll station, grinder and cannabis strains.

Experience- Different settings, several cannabis strains

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8. Trees Island

As one of the trusted dispensaries, Trees Island has set up its branches in different locations, including Alpha Street, Yates Street, Cook Street, North Park Street, Harewood, Bowen Road and Oak Bay. The friendly staffs at this dispensary share their knowledge and make sure that the buyers have made the most informed decisions. From cannabis accessories to dried herbs and tinctures, everything is available at this store. Trees Island has given high value to the culture, local community and client.

Experience- High-quality cannabis, varied products

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9. Burnside Dispensary

Located at Victoria BC, this Burnside Dispensary aims at offering you the best quality cannabis products, including medical cannabis. As one of the veterans or seniors, you will be able to get an advantage of the discount program. The cannabis concentrates, tropical and flowers are available at this dispensary.

Experience- Reasonable price rates

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10. The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary

Created by a team of dispensary assistants and herbalists, The Herbal Clinic & Dispensary has different medicinal herbs. This dedicated team chooses a reliable source for supplying wildcrafted and organic herbs. Their team also comprises healthcare specialists massage therapists and Naturopathic Doctors. You will get the therapeutic solution at this clinic. Thus, it is the best destination for those, who rely on cannabis for solving the medical issues.

Experience- Holistic, therapeutic services

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