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CBD Vape Juice offers the best CBD products from top brands in the industry. They also make their own CBD e-liquid for CBD Genesis and HempleBox brands. CBD e-liquid uses all natural industrial hemp that is known for making people feel great without any negative effects.

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Shoutout to @cbdgenesis! I get my CBD oil from them but can’t take it sublingually as I can’t handle the taste. An acquaintance suggested CBD isolates instead, which don’t have the oil taste! This is amazing for me because taking CBD orally is the best way to help with pain issues. I ordered a couple of pixie sticks as well, and these awesome guys sent me a whole mixed bag of gummies (3x normal size I think) as a gift! My heart! 😭💗 Thank you so so so much! I’ve only tried the isolate so far but I’m so happy that I can take it without any trouble. In shaa Allah everything else will be just as awesome! #cbd #cbdoil #cbdvape #edibles #spoonie #fibromyalgia #fibro #ehlersdanlossyndrome #ehlersdanlos #eds #depression #anxiety #chronicpain #invisibleillness #zebra #alhamdulillah

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CBD Genesis is one of the largest wholesalers online and they offer all CBD products you can dream of. They also sell other top-end brand products and their own brands. The best examples are CBD Genesis CBD e-liquid and HempleBox. You are looking for CBD genesis coupon? We will present you the review of the brand and also the coupon details you are looking for.

Main features and advantages of CBD Genesis

There are a lot of things we can say about this brand. The first one is that they sell high-end products all based on CBD and they are known for excellent customer support. CBD genesis has a few main advantages. They are:

  • Full-spectrum e-Liquids
  • Selling their own CBD sub-brand products
  • Massive selection of isolates and full-spectrum products
  • CBD genesis coupon code is always available
  • High-end customer support

Products the brand offers

The brand has plenty of products to offer. Of course, we are going to list the main and the most popular ones below.


The first and the most common product we all need is e-liquids. The brand offers a wide selection of e-liquids made by some of the biggest names in the industry, such as Green Roads, Koi, CBD Drip and many others. The products range between 60 and 1500mg per bottle.

CBD Oils

All CBD oils and tinctures available by the brand are CO2 extracted and provide the highest quality possible. The range of the packages is between 100 and 1500 mg. They also offer full-spectrum oils. They are excellent if you need and want a fast reaction.


Edibles are very desirable these days. The brand has to offer cakes, worms, candies and so much more. We must include Pixie Sticks and popcorn. Keep in mind that gummy worms have 1000 mg CBD. Also, all of these edibles are delicious and beneficial for so many reasons.


For you who need the ultimate CBD product, Genesis offers concentrates. They come in wax and kief packages and they are paired with the links of the manufacturers. You can check them for more details if interested. One thing we must add is that concentrates are desirable and recommended for regular users. If you are a newbie, you need to start with another product that contains a lower level of cannabidiol.


CBD genesis has capsules to offer as well. They range between 10 and 100mg per capsule and they are well-packed, come with excellent details regarding the extraction and manufacturing process and they can be divided on full-spectrum and isolates. Pick the one you like and start getting those benefits. All users can get the CBD genesis coupon code and use it for capsules as well.


Topicals at the brand are commonly available in the form of creams. They are essential if you suffer from joint pain, chronic pain or anything similar. Another common issue that can be treated using topical is inflammation. Use the cream 2-3 times per day.


They are delicious, beneficial and they come in all possible variations, so all you have to do is to pick the one you need. They are also paired with natural additives and have a low concentration of CBD.

CBD pet products

CBD Genesis offers Pure Hemp Botanicals pet CBD oil. At the moment they don’t have their own products developed for pets, but they are selling some of the most popular and the most appealing you can find online. We must add that the same regulations as for human CBD products apply and all of them are THC-free.


CBD Genesis has accessories that are made by other brands or developed by this company. This refers to the starter kits, disposable pens, cartridges, and many other hardware elements. CBD genesis coupon will help you get those accessories as affordable as possible. Keep in mind that all products come with the highest level of quality, they are well-made and they are durable.

CBD Genesis: What we liked?

  • Plenty of products to choose from at any given moment
  • A lot of various information on the official website and other, high-authority websites
  • Free shipping applies to most of the products and there is no minimal item count
  • CBD genesis coupon code is always available and refers to most products
  • Pet products are available as well
  • An affiliate program is available as well and it offers countless perks to all potential partners and users in general

CBD Genesis: What we didn’t like?

  • Some products come with confusing descriptions and details
  • Site isn’t designed for beginners and you will need some time to get used to it
  • The return policy is 14 days only and you get 85% of money back

CBD genesis coupon code

The code can be obtained here and you will have to copy it and then go for shopping at the site. Once you are done, and you reach checkout, enter the code and click apply code. The code will decrease the overall cost and you can see how much money you saved instantly. The best part is the fact the code can be used by all buyers and there are no complicated issues or anything that can make using it annoying.


CBD genesis is an excellent provider that offers all we need. The range of products is massive and there are some products you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They have a high customer satisfaction rate and they are professionals. Add the coupon to the equation and you can see why this brand is gaining popularity as we speak and why they are one of the leaders in the cannabis community across the planet. Now is your time to give them a chance.

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