Yocan iShred Vaporizer Review

Yocan iShred Vaporizer

Tired of lugging around accessories for your dry herb vaporizer? Do you know that there’s an all in one portable vaporizer that can solve all your dry herb problems? Yes, it’s called the Yocan iShred. If you’re interested in getting yourself this one all be all solution, head on over to yocanvaporizer.com where you can purchase The Yocan iShred and get more exclusive deals for other Yocan products. Meanwhile let’s talk about how good the iShred is.

First things first, the Yocan iShred is designed and engineered for dry herb use only. So, you can’t use it in conjunction with your favorite e-liquids and other concentrates. Loading liquefied materials in the Yocan iShred can cause irreversible damage, so be careful. Otherwise, the Yocan iShred does a great deal of vaporizing dry herb strains that even some users report that you can collect the herbs you vaped using the Yocan iShred and use them for making edibles – how cool is that? Here are its key features.

  • Built-in grinder
  • Has kief collector
  • Offers additional storage
  • Built-in stir pin
  • Precise temperature control
  • Crisp LCD display
  • Micro USB charging
  • Ceramic heating chamber
  • 2600mAh battery

Built-in grinder

The name is a dead giveaway, one of the key features of the Yocan iShred is its built-in herb grinder. It’s the ideal vaporizer for individuals who want an all in one vaporizer that packs all the essentials in a portable and travel-friendly unit.

You can now take your favorite botanical blends and enjoy freshly ground herbs on the go.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Take your Yocan iShred.
  2. From the vaporizer, pull the grinder downwards and twist it clockwise. This will expose and separate the bottom part of the grinder from the vaporizer.
  3. Pack your herbs on the space offered by the bottom part of the grinder.
  4. Lightly replace the bottom part and marry it back to the unit.
  5. Push the grinder upwards and twist to grind your herbs.
  6. Repeat step 2 to remove grinder and collect ground herbs.

Additional storage

The grinder on the Yocan iShred can also serve as an additional storage option if you want to pack more materials while you’re on your feet. This additional storage space means that you not only get to remove your grinder from your to-bring list but you also get to remove your herb containers from your checklist making the Yocan iShred built-in grinder a truly functional cache.

The grinder also features a functional pollen catcher which lets you collect kief and use it for other applications. You can sprinkle it on edibles or you can drizzle some of the pollen on top of your packed herbs.

To access the kief collector follow these steps:

  1. Pull the grinder from the vaporizer.
  2. Once the grinder is separated, twist the grinder counter clockwise.
  3. Use your right hand to twist the top part of the separated piece while holding the bottom part of the grinder steadily in your left hand.
  4. This will expose a small chamber where kief is collected.
  5. Get a piece of parchment paper and collect the pollen.

Built-in stir pin

The Yocan iShred was made purposefully for optimum dry herb vaporization. Apart from the integrated grinder, the iShred also has an integrated stir tool built right below the mouthpiece. You can use the stir tool to prevent your materials from burning and to make sure that you get an even bake.

Like the grinder, the stir tool is easy to use:

  1. Twist the mouthpiece to stir the herbs in the chamber.
  2. Make sure to do this in between hits for better results.

Precise Temperature Control

If you think that the iShred’s only strong point is its innovative built-in grinder then you better think again. The Yocan iShred is outfitted with a variable temperature setting which allows you to change the iShred’s temperature profile depending on your vaping needs.

Here are the steps:

  1. Turn the device on by clicking on the power button 5 times.
  2. Once the LCD display is activated press the “↑” and the “↓” buttons to change the temperature setting.

Remember, although the Yocan iShred resembles most e-liquid vaporizers, it does not function like one. Once you start up the Yocan iShred, it will start vaporizing your materials but it will only be ready after 10-15 seconds. The temperature starts at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and will heat up until it reaches your selected temperature setting. It will not produce on-demand vapor unlike conventional e-cigs.

Crisp LCD Display

The LCD display on the Yocan iShred is fantastic. It gives users with all the necessary information needed while vaping and it does not overcrowd the screen which could otherwise cause confusion especially to beginners and novices.

Here are some icons you’ll find on the LCD screen:

  • Power
  • Temperature Setting
  • Time
  • Current Running Temperature

The LCD screen can also be flipped over allowing both right handed and left handed vape users to operate the Yocan iShred with ease.

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make sure that the Yocan iShred is powered on.
  2. Press and hold both the power button and the “↓” button simultaneously for 2 seconds.

Ceramic Heating Chamber

iShred’s secret lies in its 100% ceramic heating element. The ceramic minerals help regulate and dissipate heat even at higher vaping temperatures. Using ceramic heating elements ensure consistent heating and an even burn. Ceramic is an inert mineral, it can hold heat longer than glass, quartz, or titanium. Moreover, ceramic is pure which means that no flavor will rub off on your vapors giving you clean and smooth hits making it the perfect device for both casual users and medical consumers.

2600mAh Battery

The Yocan iShred is equipped with a 2600mAh battery. Depending on how often you use your vaporizer, this 2600mAh battery life can either be short or long although it definitely is ample for casual vaping sessions.

The Yocan iShred battery can be charged by using a micro USB charger. This gives you wide charging options. You can charge the Yocan iShred using a portable power bank, your car charger or you can connect it to your laptop or computer. You can also charge it the traditional way and use a wall adapter.

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