Top 3 High-THC Autoflowering Strains

Autoflowering strains of cannabis don’t get the attention they deserve. Most people think that the THC concentration in these strains is less than the photoperiod strains. But actually, you can find some very potent autoflowering cannabis strains that can give you a great harvest in less than ten weeks. In this guide we will introduce to you the highest THC strains that you should try!


Should you try THC autoflowering strains?

If you are interested in getting a high THC plant in a shorter time, you should definitely try out the Autoflowering strains. Investing in autoflowering cannabis seeds can bring you impressive benefits with a lot less efforts than you would expect. If you are just starting to grow, these types of strains are the best to start your journey with. They are shorter in size than regular strains which means that you can easily grow them indoors.


Best three high-THC autoflowering strains

Without any further due, here are the best high THC autoflowering strains that you should try!


Green Gelato Auto (23-27% THC)

If you are looking for a strain that gives you a plant with an inviting smell, the Green Gelato is it! Not only that this hybrid strain has a nice smell but it also has high levels of THC. The Green Gelato mother plant wasn’t named “Strain of the year” in 2018 for nothing. This hybrid was derived from Green Gelato and it is a miniature version of this plant, with the same, potent qualities.


When you try this strain you should feel very relaxed but also euphoric enough to enjoy the high. The THC level of this strain can range between 23% and 27% with a common level of 24%. thanks to these high THC levels, you wil feel the effects of this plant after just a few hits. If you are into exploring your creative sides, the Green Gelato Auto is the strain for you. It is the ideal hit you need to boost your painting, writing or even your social skills. Every time you enjoy this hybrid you will feel more outgoing and confident in your own potential.


The aroma of this Gelato hybrid is sweet and fruity which makes it thast much more enjoyable! You can expect it to get to 120 cm in height and you shouldn’t have any problems growing it. You can start harvesting this strain around day 70 once it germinates.



55% Sativa with 40% Indica, 05% Ruderalis

Height between 70 cm and 120 cm

Ready to harvest between 7 and 8 weeks

THC from 23% to 27%

100 – 175 g per dried plant

Great for relaxing and socialising but also for creative activities


Girl Scout Cookies Auto (18-25% THC)

We bet that the name of this strain got you intrigud1 the Girl Scout Cookies Auto is one of the best autoflowering strain on the market. With a THC level anywhere from 18% to 25% this is ideal for many users. This strain is a hybrid that came from the famous Girl Scout Cookies which is very popular on the US, West Coast.


The secret of this plant is not in the levels of THC alone but also in its key ingredient, THCV. This THCV is responsible for reducing potential anxiety that might come from THC hits alone. Thanks to this, the Girl Scout Cookies Auto is great for beginners in the THC field. If you are concerned about freakout moments, the THCV will make sure that you enjoy only the good of the high feeling and forget about the bad. You can expect this plant to get anywhere from 60 cm to 1200 cm in height. It is very easy to grow and you can expect between 70 g and 300 g per dried plant if you grow outdoors. It is ready to harvest between eight and nine weeks since germination.



60% Indica with 40% of Sativa and Ruderalis

THC 18% to 25%

70-300 g per dried plant

Reduced anxiety high

Between 60 cm and 100 cm in height

Expect to harvest before nine weeks


Purple Haze Auto (17% THC)

The last but definitely not the least autoflowering strain of THC cannabis we have for you is the Purple Haze Auto. This plant has a medium THC level of 17% which is great for a relaxing high feeling. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors and it is very easy to grow as well.


This plant has 40% Indica and 60% Sativa and it is a great choice for treating depression or anxiety. So, if you want to get high but not have to deal with any paranoid feelings along with it, the Purple Haze Auto is for you! You will feel somewhat more chatty and easy going after you try this strand. It is perfect for enjoying it at a party or other social event. As for the flavor of the hit, you will love its Earthy aroma mixed with a tint of sandalwood scent. The height of this plant gets up to 120 cm and you can harvest it between 70 and 75 days from germination. Outdoors you can get up to 350 hr per sq meter while indoors it will bring you around 65 g for a dried plant.



40% Indica and 60% Sativa

THC 17%

Perfect for a social type of high

Ready to harvest before 75 days from germination

You can harvest about 65 g for one dried plant



With these three High THC autoflowering strains you know that you can’t go wrong. They are perfect for growing indoors but they will give you just as good of a harvest outdoors. You will be able to enjoy your hits a little after two months from germination and they will relax you as well. They are ideal for beginners as well as for more experienced users. Give them a try and see which one happens to be your favorite!

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