Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal

Wondering whether you can be smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal? Should you do it, what are side effects and are there additional things to know. I’ll try to answer these questions below.

Smoking weed after tooth extraction May actually BE beneficial

After tooth extraction, your dentist will prescribe you painkillers. As the name suggests, these medications are designed to suppress pain and help you recover. Weed does the same thing. As a matter of fact, weed, more precisely CBD and THC from it will decrease the pain and inflammation. In other words, smoking weed after tooth extraction may be beneficial. You will decrease the pain and fight off inflammation. This may lead to faster recovery.

Some of you believe that weed actually damages teeth. Weed is rarely associated with tooth decay and it is less harmful than tobacco. Cigarettes are more dangerous.

In this case, scenario, if you want to relieve pain and use CBD-related products, we recommend using ones with THC ingredients. They are the most effective in this case and they have a huge effect on eliminating the pain.

Possible side effects

Smoking weed after wisdom teeth removal is a matter that has been answered by several studies. What they discovered is that dry mouth may occur. It occurs when saliva glands produce less saliva than usual. This term is also known as cotton ball syndrome. It isn’t dangerous but is rather unpleasant and very annoying for some users.

The best thing to deal with dry mouth is to prevent it. The best alternative is to drink plenty of fluids, water the most. Avoid drinking alcohol and drinks that contain a lot of sugar. All other beverages can be consumed in order to keep your mouth wet and decrease the intensity of a symptom.

To keep dry mouth away from your life you can use other CBD oil products that don’t cause it in the first place. This simply means that consuming edibles, or using vaporizers or vape products is a bit safer. They don’t cause dry mouth but also provide pain relief and fight off inflammation.

How long after you can smoke weed?

There is no a specific time frame you must not smoke weed but you should at least wait for the bleeding to stop. Basically, people with bleeding gums should avoid smoking weed frequently and this is the same case after tooth removal.

The final word

Can I smoke weed after tooth extraction? I’m not a doctor and I can’t possibly be familiar with your individual case. I always recommend to do your own research. But what I can tell you for sure is that weed helps decrease pain, which is common in this case scenario and you will get the ability to fight off inflammation using natural ingredients and natural help. The most common side effect that might occur is dry mouth, but if you consume a lot of water it won’t be the case.

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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1 thought on “Smoking Weed After Wisdom Teeth Removal”

  1. Don’t just smoke weed after the bleeding stopped!
    You have to at least wait 24-48 hours until you can smoke again.
    It’s the pulling/suction that you do that can cause a dry socket. That is why you also shouldn’t use straws.

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