Can You Smoke Weed Stems?

More and more cannabis fans end up asking themselves – can you smoke weed stems? Some of them are simply way too lazy to pick out stems, while others have the stems as remains. The truth is weed stems can, indeed, be reused, but not by smoking them.

Can you smoke stems?

Of course. In fact, you can smoke anything, but it does not mean that it is good for you. Smoking stems will not necessarily get you high, but may give you a long lasting headache. After all, you are inhaling some plant material. It is just like smoking buds, with the difference that buds actually have beneficial cannabinoids. Stems, on the other hand, are almost dry.

It does not mean that you should throw stems away. In fact, they have some good uses. So, what to do with weed stems?

Weed Stem Tea

Adding some stems to your tea is a good idea to relax. Sure, marijuana stems tea will not get you high, but it will come up with a brief sensation of euphoria, not to mention the relaxing effects. Mix stems into your favorite tea – it works wonders with chai, peppermint or chamomile.

So, how to make stem tea? Stems must be decarboxylated first – grind your stems into small pieces. Do not exaggerate. If you turn them into powder, they will turn bitter. Put the remains in a pot, add some water, a dash of coconut oil and bring to boil. After 15 minutes of simmering, you can strain the water, add your favorite tea and enjoy.

Stem oil

The marijuana stems tea is probably your best option to reuse stems, but not the only one. Stem hash oil is just as handy. You can do it with other parts too, such as buds. Stems will reduce its strength, but it is still better than binning them.

Get a bottle of isopropyl alcohol and grind your stems until they become a fine powder. Put them in a jar, add the alcohol, cover it up and shake for a few minutes. Pour the new mix into a bowl to keep plant remains away.

The dish can then be kept in an open area – just make sure you have enough ventilation. The alcohol will disappear, leaving you with a sticky coating. Scrape it up, roll it into a ball and enjoy.

Stem butter

Weed stem butter is also better than smoking stems. If you have made your own cannabis butter before, this is similar, only you need to use stems. Butter is less potent, but still worth it. Melt regular butter in a pan, add finely ground cannabis, stir for about 45 minutes and keep it in the fridge.

Bottom line, whether you want to make a marijuana stem tea, butter or oil, stems can be easily reused. Can stems get you high? You might get a bit euphoric and relaxed with tea, but this is pretty much it.​

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