Indica vs. Sativa. What’s the difference? And which strain is right for you

Indica vs Sativa

Indica vs Sativa. Which strain is right for you

Medicinal cannabis is the latest hype in the industry, as it has been proven to help against a series of conditions. It can ameliorate multiple symptoms, help in various treatments and even prevent certain diseases. However, just like most other herbs, cannabis is available in more varieties and strains.

Indica and Sativa are by far the most popular strains of cannabis on the market. While they do share a few benefits, the truth is they are generally different and prescribed for certain conditions. Overall, the general effect is opposite.

From this point of view, Sativa is more common for those who need extra energy and a more intense experience. On the other hand, Indica is most commonly recommended for a relaxing state of mind, as well as body relaxation.

So, Indica vs. Sativa – What other differences are between the two strains and which one is right for you then?

Understanding Cannabis Sativa and Its Benefits

Cannabis Sativa is usually thin and tall. The plant grows narrow leaves and is easy to identify against other strains. Apart from the height and leaf shape, the color will also make a difference – while still green, it is way lighter than other options.

The growing cycle is also different. Since Sativa takes more time to grow than Indica, it is less popular on the market. On the same note, maturing plants require way more light than other strains in the same range. In terms of compounds, the levels of CBD are a bit lower, while the THC is higher.

Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis Sativa is most commonly recommended against anxiety. It makes a good choice for patients who cannot relax or feel fears about things that are less likely to happen. On the same note, it is just as handy against more or less severe forms of depression.

Chronic Pain

Chronic pains are common in pretty much everyone, whether they are caused by a condition, an accident or just an unhealthy lifestyle. Lower back pains are the most common ones, yet the list is way longer. Sativa will ameliorate these pains and improve the overall quality of life.

Lack of Focus

Those who struggle in work may also benefit from this strain, yet it depends on their jobs and responsibilities. Sativa is great to increase focus, but it will also add to the patient’s creativity in a working environment.

Lack of Serotonin

The serotonin is among the most important neurotransmitters in the human body. Low levels of serotonin will reduce the mood, as well as learning abilities. It will reduce the appetite and add to sleeping disorders and anxiety. Sativa will increase the natural production of serotonin, preventing all these issues.

When to Use

Each strain of cannabis has different uses and recommendations and Sativa makes no exception either. Most specialists recommend having Sativa throughout the day. Since it can boost the levels of energy, it is not indicated late in the evening or before going to sleep.

Understanding Cannabis Indica and Its Benefits

Unlike the Sativa strain, Cannabis Indica is short and bushy. It is not narrow, but quite wide as it matures, since it looks like a bush. Leaves also contribute to this kind of appearance, as they are wide. Plus, each plant grows more leaves.

In terms of growth, Cannabis Indica grows much faster than Sativa. It is easier to grow, which means it is more popular and widely accessible in most stores. Its yield is much higher. When it comes to its THC vs. CBD compounds, the levels of CBD are higher, while the THC count is much lower.

Extra Relaxation

Indica is the relaxing strain of cannabis. It will not give you an energy shot, but it will improve muscle relaxation – excellent for those who are always tense, have physically exhausting jobs or exercise too often. On the same note, mental relaxation will also benefit, so it makes a good choice after an exhausting day at work or just a generally bad day.

Acute Pain

Some specialists also prescribe Cannabis Indica against acute pain sensations, whether caused by injuries or various medical surgeries. Obviously, a doctor’s recommendation is mandatory, as it may interfere with medication and other treatments. Double check with your doctor upfront.

Gastrointestinal Issues

Feeling like you lost your appetite? Unable to eat due to various gastrointestinal issue? Cannabis Indica might be the key to a healthy appetite. It increases the appetite and reduces the nasty sensations of nausea. It also helps against nausea caused by medical conditions, medications or treatments.

Lack of Dopamine

If you lose your zest for life, there is a decent chance you suffer from a dopamine deficiency. The neurotransmitter is used by the human body in a series of processes. Most importantly, it controls the brain’s pleasure centers, hence the necessity of keeping it at the optimal levels.

When to Use

Cannabis Indica is mostly used for relaxation. It can and will reduce stress and anxiety, but its calming effects are not always needed at the beginning of the day. It is not recommended before going to work or having a busy day. Instead, it makes a good choice for nighttime uses or after long stressful days.

Which Strain Is Right for Me

Cannabis Sativa and Indica represent two completely different strains of cannabis. They do have a few common effects and benefits, but the way they work on the body is different. From this point of view, it depends on what you need medicinal cannabis for.

If you need focus and energy, opt for Sativa. If you are after relaxation and calmness, Indica might be the key for you. Each strain has multiple benefits and works in different directions. Therefore, making a decision can be difficult, hence the necessity of talking to a professional.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, different strains of cannabis should be seen as completely different herbs, even if they actually belong to the same family. Deciding on the right strain may not be hard if you know precisely what you need, yet it is still worth having a professional opinion before making a final decision.

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