E-Cigarette Guide: What Nicotine Strength Do I Need?

If you have chosen e-cigarette instead of a traditional cigarette, well-done. It is a much safer option. Nicotine is always mandatory in conventional cigarettes, while it may not be included in the e-cigarette. However, you need to understand which nicotine level is the best for you and why. Today, we will help you decide on which nicotine amount do you actually need. To find a great selection of e-cigarettes head to German Flavours.

Factors that have to be taken into consideration

In order to find the best nicotine level, you need to include several factors to the equation. Those factors are how many cigarettes you have been smoking, the taste in the mouth and throat and the overall pleasure.

All of this means if you have been smoking 2 packs per day for 10 years, you need a higher nicotine level in an e-cigarette. If you have been smoking 10 cigarettes or less, you need a lower nicotine level. Heavy smokers will have to start with 24 or 36 mg nicotine e-fluids. They will make your brain believe you are still an ordinary smoker which is the first thing you actually want. Other factors are there to help you tune the desired level to match your specific criteria. For instance, if you try 24 mg and you have a bitter state in the mouth and you feel nausea, you need to try a lower level. If you have a lot of craving to smoke after you smoker e-cigarette, you need to increase the level.

It is important to use a proper level, the one you actually need. If you start with a too low or too high level, you won’t get a satisfactory effect and you will think that e-cigarette doesn’t work. The truth is, you chose the wrong level of nicotine. A lower level won’t be able to meet the requirements your body still has. A high level will provide far more nicotine than the brain needs at this point, which will result in nausea, sore throat, coughing and even dizziness. Below, we will list how to start using e-cigarettes and use a proper nicotine level. We will start from the beginning, for users who have just switched to e-cigarette and who want to decrease the nicotine levels and reach 0 mg, which is the ultimate goal for us many.

First two weeks: 16-36 mg of nicotine

When you start using e-cigarette, you will need to make up the nicotine from the traditional cigarette. An average cigarette has 16 mg of nicotine usually, this is the level most of you actually need. Fore your brain, it will be the same experience as when you were a smoker. Those of you who smoked 2 packs or more, a higher level of nicotine may be desirable. Try 24 mg and if you still feel the craving, move to 36 mg. Keep in mind that 36 mg is very high so limit your e-cigarette usage. Decrease the level as long as needed until you reach 16 mg.

After two weeks: Decrease to 11-8 mg

Most of you will be able to decrease the nicotine level after 2 or 3 weeks. Usually, the brain needs 7-14 days to adjust to the new dosage so this is the time needed for you to start using a different e-cigarette fluid. As we have mentioned, you need to aim up to 16 mg of nicotine level before reaching this step. Once you have been using it for a couple of days or 2 weeks as maximum, try to decrease it once again. Now you can use 11 mg of nicotine which is 80% of the nicotine found in a cigarette. Use this level for a couple of days or until you are ready and decrease it to 8 mg which is 60% of the nicotine in a conventional cigarette.

After two weeks: Move to 0 mg of nicotine

You have trained your body and mind to be more than just ‘’satisfied’’ with 8 mg of nicotine. The next step is to eliminate it completely. This means that you will have to start with e—fluids that have 0 mg of nicotine. Try them and when you notice the lack of craving, you are ready. Now you are ex-smoker and you can enjoy e-cigarettes as long as needed. There are a massive amount of e-fluids out there that come in various flavors and all you have to do is to pick the one you like.

The final word

It is important to start with a higher dosage of nicotine and gradually reduce it as you smoke. The goal is to reach 0 mg of nicotine in the fluid and then you can enjoy all the possibilities. You can try different e-fluids, you can smoke as much as you like and you can stop whenever you want.

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