CBD For Autism

CBD can be used for autism. Here, we will try to present to you all the details and specifics you need regarding the CBD and its relationship with autism. Obviously, we will take a closer look at the studies that have been approved already and must add that there are many of them that are still not completed.

What is autism?

Autism or ASD is a disorder that appears in children regarding issues with non-verbal, verbal communications and behavior. It is usually paired with anxiety and the inability to be social. There are a lot of different sub-types of ASD and each one can reflect different problems or challenges.

ASD affects 1 in 59 children in the United States, making it one of the most common disorders in the country and in the world. Children are born with ASD and it is life-lasting disorder. At this moment, there is no cure for ASD although there are several therapies and medications used.

ASD can be detected in children at the age of 18 months, but it is rarely possible. In most cases autism will be detected between the age 2 and 3. Why autism occurs is still unclear but there are several factors that increase the risk. The most common are seizures, sleep disorders, anxiety, and depression.

One of the recent therapies regarding this disorder has been linked with the CBD. According to CBD Kyro, CBD is a useful treatment and it should be taken into consideration. In the study, 80% of the children participating the study showed significant improvements. There are a lot of other places where we can see the same or similar results. One of the examples is DailyCBDmag which proved the same thing as the first study.

The amount of CBD given to children depends on the anxiety severity and their weight. For instance, a child with 25 pounds or less weight needs 4mg for mild autism, 6 mg for medium and 9 mg for severe. A child between 26 and 45 pounds needs 6mg for mild, 8 mg for medium and 12 mg for severe autism.

Choosing the right CBD product

By now you should know that using CBD oil for treating autism or at least to make the symptoms less severe is a possibility. If you are one of the parents who is considering this, we must add that choosing the right product is extremely important. First of all, CBD vapes and similar types of products are not recommended in this case scenario. After all, you will need to consider the following alternatives.

CBD oils are the top choice. They can be given in precise dosages and they are the most potent form of the products. These oils can come in various packages and sizes and you will need to consider a few factors. The first one is where and how the plant was grown. You need organic plants only and you need the ones that are grown in a safe environment. Also, don’t forget to cold extraction is the best due to the fact it won’t damage the ingredients of the plant and it will keep them in perfect condition.

Edibles can be used as well. Keep in mind that the same rule applies when it comes to the organic nature of the plant. Only those that are naturally grown should be used. Don’t forget that edibles need more time to start reacting. They generally need between 1 and 2 hours of time.

There is no need to add that you need a product made by one of the safest companies and one of the most popular brands. They have the best ingredients and they use the best extraction methods.

Are there any concerns?

There is no risk involved. In order to treat your child with CBD oil, you need to pick the right dosage, something we have explained above. Even if you make a mistake, there won’t be severe issues but rather nausea and headache. Also, start with a small dose and gradually increase it. All possible studies and experiments that were conducted were unable to find any complication or even concern regarding the CBD oil for autism.

Scientific facts regarding the CBD for autism

There have been countless studies regarding CBD for autism. Some of the most well-known are Mannion and Leader, Kurz and Blaas. They found that the CBD should be used as an autism treatment.

The latest study was conducted in Israel.  53 children ages 4-22 have been using CBD for 66 days. At the end of the study, rage attacks improved in 67.6% cases. Hyperactivity noticed improvement as well and in similar, 68.4% cases. Sleep issues improved in 71.4% cases. Anxiety was improved as well in 47% cases.

All of this makes CBD one of the best and only treatments for autism that actually works and comes without severe drawbacks or complications. After the study, CBD was recommended for the next treatment.

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