Blue Dream: A Popular Strain in the World of Medical Cannabis

Having a sweet aroma that is equivalent to that of fresh blueberries, Blue Dream is a potent and pleasant strain. It is known for its ability to have an extensive impact ranging right from energizing to euphoric effects.

According to, Blue Dream is among the most popular and best autoflower strains and is surprisingly an easy-to-grow weed seed despite being a sativa-dominant hybrid. Having developed into an illustrious West Coast strains of the 21st century, this marijuana weed is commonly in use by both cannabis fans and patients alike.

Regarded as ideal for those who have just stepped into the world of cannabis apart from those who are specialists, Blue Dream appeals to a variety of potheads and recreational users.

The variety of symptoms that this strain can handle effectively has made it a medical and recreational strain. Let’s explore it in detail to understand why it has become so popular.

Blue Dream = Blueberry + Sativa

According to, this marijuana weed is considered as a hybrid strain with a delicious and fragrant composition of 50% blueberry (Indica) and 50% Sativa (Haze). This elucidates why patients experience a full-body (blueberry) and cerebral (Haze) effects. This combination gives the best of both worlds to its consumers.

Nevertheless, just as any other cannabis strain, the particular phenotype to medicate with is distinct and has its attributes and consequently its effects. Thus, it is vital to know that not all Blue Dream weeds will make you feel energetic and happy.

As per the phenotype of Blue Dream in use, you are likely to experience more of an elevating head high (Sativa) or an energizing full body (blueberry). It totally depends on the phenotype you use to medicate.

While Blue Dream has more of Sativa phenotypes, it is possible to get a phenotype having the attributes of an Indica strain. The latter is fairly uncommon, as you will mostly get energizing Sativa-dominant cannabis.

According to, recent tests on different Blue Dream specimens have reported inconsistent THC levels ranging from 17-25%. Still, it is not as powerful as strains such as Gorilla Glue #4 that is just not meant for the beginners.

Yet, the strain is quite pleasant due to its sufficient content of medicinal THC. Due to low CBD levels below 0.2%, most medical benefits are accomplished with the contained THC level. The strain is available as a top-shelf weed due to its sterile genetics and versatile effects that are beneficial for just anyone.

Effects: Triple + Beneficial

The Blue Dream strain is a versatile option for smokers and other enthusiasts due to its variety of effects. The weed triggers an elevated, relaxed feeling, coupled often with an energizing euphoria. According to, this marijuana weed is capable of initiating relaxed, optimistic, and euphoric effects.

Despite being hybrid by nature, Blue Dream is an exceptional day-time option to consider before work for getting ready for the expected work hours. Just smoke it to uplift yourself while feeling relaxed from head to toe. Nevertheless, this weed is perhaps not for those who are trying to sleep late at night.

Medical Benefits: Diverse yet Limited

Due to the different friendly effects, Blue Dream is considered reliable for healing a myriad of medical disorders. According to, this weed is a famous day-time medicine for those suffering from mental ailments such as depression and stress.

For tackling a mental illness with the help of this weed, it mostly suffices to take an average amount of this weed. Over-consuming it is likely to have an adverse impact. For example, the consumer may suffer from more stress or paranoia. Thus, it is wise to know the cons and strike a balance in the weed’s amount for getting the most effective results.

Apart from helping people with mental disorders, this weed is useful in healing physical disorders such as chronic pain, headaches, nausea, and overtiredness. For handling these disorders, it is fine to have an edible, more-than-average bowl of this weed.

The reason is the higher quantity that is capable of genuinely numbing the body, which is useful in healing a headache or pain. Similarly, it can energize you if you are feeling lethargic.

For patients who are suffering from more chronic or serious ailments such as neurological disorders or cancer, Blue Dream may not be effective. This is because of low CBN and CBD levels.

Flavor and Aroma: Unique Yet Similar

Blue Dream is known for its distinct flavor and aroma. Just the initial whiff of this weed will immerse you in a delicious fruity flavor apart from triggering juvenile nostalgia for those who have enjoyed berries. Further, it has a blend of earthy sandalwood, sharp, and citrus flavors along with floral and grape notes.

Overall, this marijuana strain boasts a melodious balance of characteristics from both blueberry and haze. The aroma is quite pungent. Thus, it is not a strain that has the typical odor of old cannabis stored in a bottle.

However, it will not leave its odor traces if you are using it while on the go. This is commendable, as it indicates obtaining the most out of it.

Appearance: Similar to Blueberries

The appearance of Blue Dream is such that your mind is likely to recall the look of fresh blueberries. However, there are no purple or blue shades at all. Rather, you are more likely to see these weeds in rich-green or sage buds with pistils in orange or yellow color and frigid THC trichomes. As per the particular subspecies under cultivation, the water leaves can be orange, dark green, or brown color.

Side Effects: Few and Controllable 

Apart from those of over-consumption mentioned above, predictably, the common side effects of Blue Dream are dry eyes and dry mouth. To overcome them, it is advisable to stay hydrated.


There is no doubt that you will love the sweet berry taste with a citrus-sandalwood note of Blue Dream right from the moment you try it for the first time. However, it is wise to consult your local shop about the specific profile of this cannabinoid and then proceed, as it is likely to vary from one phenotype to another.

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