Would you like to grow cannabis in your house? If you’re reading this means you are ready to start. If you live in the United States or Canada you will need a seed bank that ships their seeds to these countries. We have prepared the ultimate best seed banks list and how you can see which ones are the best and why.

What To Look For In The Best Seed Bank

Before simply placing your order, take a look at the factors you need to consider. They can make a massive difference and they are more important than you may believe. All you need to know is that all the factors are equally important and all of them are used for our best seed banks comparison below.

Feminized seeds are a must have

The first factor to consider is to pay close attention to the seed banks that ship to USA and Canada but they offer feminized seeds. By using this type of seeds you will significantly decrease the risk of duds and your seeds will grow perfectly. This translates into the best possible plants and even better products. If you don’t order feminized seeds, you will get a lot of duds and you will need to wait for replacements seeds, which is a complicated and annoying issue.

Location of the seed bank

Most seed banks are located in Europe which means that you will have to wait for a long period of time in order to receive the package. If this is an issue for you, consider banks that are located in the United States or Canada. Their number is limited but there are a few options. By using this factor you can order and get the seeds within days rather than weeks.

Customer support

Even the best online seed bank may encounter a problem at some point. It may be a simple shipping delay or an issue with the seeds. When that happens you will need customer support to get the needed answers and to solve the problem. That’s why we are always looking at banks with the best and the most professional customer support.

Discrete shipping

You need to get the seeds in a discrete package that looks regular and comes without any labels or anything similar. This is a factor as well and we recommend you to consider it. Banks that ship in clearly visible packages are not great. You may have problems with customs or even with delivery service.

Strain selection

You need to be able to choose any strain you like. This translates into being able to grow the plants you really like and need and the ones that are suitable for your skill level. For example, Northern light is very resilient and can withstand almost anything. It is ideal for beginners and newbies and it can be a game changer. Luckily all reliable seed banks will provide you with an excellent list of supported strains and with proper descriptions. Also, look for the descriptions of the seeds. They have to be professional, include all the details and a lot more.

Return policy

Every now and then you will encounter seeds that won’t develop, that have poor quality and that will need to be replaced. Some seed banks won’t accept your return package and you will have to make a new purchase. This is a major problem and you will have to solve it as soon as possible. All the seed banks we will present you below are perfect when it comes to refunds and return policy.

Seed quality

There is no simple way you can use to check the quality of the seeds. All we can add is the fact that reviews of the previous buyers should be considered. If a product comes with 5 star rating, it is probably of the highest quality. Keep in mind that different types of seeds require different handling and different growing processes.

Loyalty program

If everything goes right, you will probably want to order more seeds and to grow more plants. This means that you will make more than just one purchase. That’s why it is essential to find a seed bank that has a loyalty program which will help you get a massive discount and rewards after several purchases. This advantage is available, but not always. We advise you to keep that in mind if you want to order many packages over time.

Multiple currencies support

You will need a seed bank that comes with support for multiple currencies. This simply means that you can pay with your credit card or use any currency you like. Among other currencies, look at seed banks that support Pound Sterling, USD, EUR and Canadian dollar.

Payment methods

Most of the seed banks support payments in virtual currencies among other methods. They are the safest way you can purchase cannabis seeds. In addition, all companies of this kind support credit and debit cards alongside cash and additional methods.

Top 5 Bank Seeds


ILGM may sound like a strange name but this is obviously an acronym. The full name of the seed bank is I Love Growing Marijuana and they are located in Amsterdam, Netherland. The seed bank was founded in 1993 by Robert Bergman and it is still run by the same person who has 25+ years of experience growing marijuana. It has been one of the top seed banks for a long period of time and the one you will probably love.

The seed bank offers around 80 different strains and the quality is epic. Add the superior reviews and customer support and you can get a clear idea why this brand is on the top of the list. The last, we have an impressive return policy and fast shipping. Keep in mind that all seeds that don’t grow will be replaced.


  • Customer support
  • Support all payment methods
  • High-quality seeds
  • Buyer reviews available


  • Strain selection isn’t the best
  • Expensive


MSNL has been with us since 1999. They are located in the United Kingdom and they support credit cards, debit cards, checks and etc. Sadly they don’t accept Bitcoin and similar virtual currencies. The choice of seeds is average and we believe most of you will be able to find what they are looking for.

Shipping won’t be an issue due to the fact they ship their products all over the world. In addition, the seeds are of the highest quality and we appreciated the attention to detail this brand has to offer. There are value packs you need to check out. They can help you get excellent seeds on a tight budget.


  • Value packs
  • Shipping is excellent
  • Trustworthy seller
  • Higher quality of the seeds


  • Some packages are expensive
  • Virtual currencies are not supported


Growers Choice Seeds is located in Spain, Barcelona more precisely. They specialize in high-end seeds that come suitable for those who want the best quality. The seed bank is more than just popular these days and they have been one of the oldest providers of this kind. They were founded in 1985. On various forums and growers communities, this seed bank is commonly rated as one of top ten seed banks.

There are some important advantages we would like to mention. First of all, the seed bank is excellent when it comes to shipping. There are no issues here because all the seeds are sent in their airtight compartments. Consumers can get stealth packaging which is as you can assume stealth so customs won’t know what is inside. Additionally, we can add the facts that if your order doesn’t grow 90% or more they will send you a free replacement package. Shipping takes around 7-25 days and you get a tracking code.


  • Tracking possibility
  • Stealth packaging
  • Free replacement
  • All sorts of seeds you can think of


  • Poor discounts
  • Shipping isn’t very fast


Sensi Seeds is one of the largest seed banks in the world. They are located in Amsterdam, Netherland and they have a long list of available seeds. The company was founded in 1985 and besides worldwide shipping they are also available for shipping within Switzerland and Serbia. We liked the great packaging. All seeds are sent in envelops without any logos or names. There is no way you can tell what is inside. The bottom line here is that this can be the top seed bank for most of you.

The next best thing about this brand is the fact you will receive your seeds within 10 business days. The fastest they can arrive is in 2 days. Luckily they will assist you as much as they can. Payment methods are standard but you can pay for the seeds using cash as well. Virtual currencies are not supported.


  • Fast shipping
  • Stealth envelops
  • Quality of the seeds
  • Product descriptions


  • Payments available
  • Poor customer support

Crop king seeds

Crop King Seeds is a newer provider on the list. They are located in Vancouver, Canada and they were founded in 2012. This can be one of the best Canadian seed banks and the one we liked a lot. The main advantage is the all-new website that was released recently. It is easy to use, fast and you can find anything you are looking for within seconds. There is a separate section where you can learn how to grow cannabis and what you can expect.

Being one of the best Canadian seed banks you truly get a lot. First and foremost the packages will arrive within 7 business days to your location and once they arrive you will see how discrete they are. The choice of seeds is at the highest level, payment options are decent and the overall versatility is superb. All of this means that this seed bank should be considered.


  • Fast shipping
  • The new website is easy to use
  • Discrete packages
  • Section for newbies


  • Rare discounts
  • Virtual currencies are not supported


  • Which payment methods are available at seed banks?

Most of these seed banks offer support for credit cards, debit cards, cash, and specific providers. Some of them even accept Bitcoin which is a very safe method you can use to purchase the cannabis seeds. There won’t be any traces that you purchased seeds when you use virtual currencies.

  • Why there are no a lot of great American seed banks?

Due to different laws between the states, it is difficult to ship the seeds. Yes, you can order them and grow them but selling them is another story.

  • What will happen if custom discovers I ordered cannabis seeds?

They will take your seeds and you will receive a letter. You won’t be filed for a lawsuit or get a ticket.

  • Is this ‘’hobby’’ complicated?

No, it isn’t. You will need time, effort and basic skills and you can advance as long as you like.

  • Will I have to create an account at seed bank?

No, you can make a purchase as a guest and there won’t be any traces that you purchase the seeds.

  • Is PayPal available as a payment method?

No, PayPal isn’t an available payment method because it prohibits selling and buying cannabis and its seeds.


You were able to see the list of the best seed banks and with all, they have to offer. We believe you are ready to start ordering cannabis seeds, grow them and get all sorts of benefits and advantages. The best seed bank for us is I Love Growing Marijuana. They are professionals, offer all sorts of seeds and they have been for a long period of time with us. As such, we give them 5 out of 5 star rating.

Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship To USA & Canada

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